Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Out of Necessity

First I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers regarding the youngest daughter's vehicle.  I am very fortunate to be married to a double master mechanic.  In a matter of just a few hours we found parts at a local wrecking yard, he got some other parts which he felt should be new from a  friend's auto parts store.  So what would have cost the kids about $700 to fix, DH fixed for about $100.  I cannot begin to tell you how truly blessed we are as a family. 

I think as everyone knows I am a bus driver for the local school district.  I have a plastic credit card type card which is my time card. 

Monday when I got home, DH was calling me.  He forgot to put wood in the boiler and he needed the VIN off of the daughter's mini van.  So being the adorable wife I am, I went out to the wood burner, loaded it with wood.  Then wandered out to the daughter's van sitting by the barn and sent the VIN to DH via text message on my cell phone.  I then checked the girls to make sure they had food, and water, pulled some weeds for 15 minutes in the cold!  YUCK.  Proceeded to do some housework, and finally had some time to sew.  I looked up and realized I was late for my afternoon shift by about 5 minutes.  So I grabbed my bag, a bottle of water, and ran out the door.  Only to realize as I was getting into the car my badge was missing!  I ran back into the house, it wasn't in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, sewing room, or any of the other rooms that I was in that day. Between runs I asked DH to look for my time card in the chicken coop, the barn by the daughter's van and the woodshed when he got home.  He found it out by the barn. 

So I figured it was time to make a pocket for my safety vest to put my time card in. 
Some heavy weight plastic and double fold bias tape. 
OK Do not look to close it got a bit wonky near the end, but hey it works and no more lost time card!  I know utility sewing not very exciting.  But what is very cool, my scanner will pick up my card with no problem at all. 

 I did dig out my Christmas fabrics to start to make a scrappy Christmas stocking for the guild Christmas charity.  There were scraps from a charm swap which I participated in a few years ago.
And I have been helping the economy by making fabric acquisitions.

The hounds tooth is a Hoffman Batik which matches the Bali pop I am using to make my basket weave quilt.  It was less than $6.00 per yard so I have a backing!  Then some batiks for my BOM that I am working on.  I love Today's Quilting-- many times when I order I get some samples of charm squares. (This is not a paid endorsement, I just like the online shop).  They are also very prompt in mailing, which is a big plus to me. 

Enough procrastination I need to finish my stocking and maybe I can work on something else.  Tonight DH is picking up his mamma and they are going to the apple orchard to pick up our order of Mutsu apples.  Then they are swinging by the house, picking me up and we are going out to dinner.  I think that plan thrilled the MIL.  Tomorrow I have a CPR which will be about 4 hours between my morning and afternoon runs.  So that day will be shot, and Friday I have a field trip, after my morning run.  I am driving across the state to pick up the 5th graders who have been at outdoor school/camping all week. 



  1. You and DH are jack of all trades. Great idea to add the pocket.

  2. love your pocket. great save for the badge.
    cant wait to see your stocking. sounds like fun to participate in something like that

  3. That was a good Idea, I was sure you were going to say he found it melted by the boiler !

  4. Oh my, my...I can't keep up with you! Great idea to make a plastic pocket for your card....I bet the other drivers will want a pocket too! Have fun with the scrappy Christmas stocking!

  5. stay safe tomorrow and every day, hugs

  6. Utility sewing is a very important part of life though!

  7. Great idea to keep your badge in a cute pocket rather than by the barn...looks pretty good to me! Can't wait to see your scrappy stocking!

  8. Great thinking! Way to figure out the best way to keep that card handy and in your possession :)

  9. I don't mind utility sewing at's a great feeling of accomplishment when I've "fixed" something or made something useful. blessings, marlene


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