Friday, October 10, 2014

A Celebration of Quilts Part 4

While I was editing pictures I realized I had a lot of pictures, but I still did not get pictures of all of the quilts! 

Our guild has some programs which run month to month.  One of them is what they call the Bag Lady quilts.  If I understand the premise correctly.  Nine different people sign up to participate.  Each person chooses a block.  That is their block they are gong to make for the year.  The ladies choose their fabrics and put them into a brown bag.  The bags are passed from quilter to quilter, and that quilter makes their block from the fabrics in the bag.  These were all bag lady quilts.

 The colors in this one remind me of a sock monkey. 

 And there is always an over achiever.  :D

Another program the guild has is a friendship block of the month.  A block is chose and a focal fabric is provided.  The participants are instructed to add a solid or something of a certain color family and construct the block.  At the guild meeting the blocks are turned in and everyone who turns in a block gets a ticket.  Depending on how many blocks are turned in they average about 39 per month so there are 3 winners which get 13 blocks each.  Both of these quilts were made by people who won the blocks for a specific month. 

We also have some quilts who love to make small quilts. 

These two Rock Candy mini quilts were made during a class which was taught a couple of months ago.
They were made with a charm pack and a yard of solids.  From what I understand you can actually make two of these from one charm pack. 

I am proud to belong to a guild with such a wonderfully talented group of quilters and look forward to making new friendships and learning how to improve my skills. 


  1. Your guild has some fun things in place. We are doing a "Brown Bag Swap" You put your name inside along with 5 quilt shop quality fat quarters, draw numbers and you take the bag you drew and make something (whatever you want ) from those fat quarters. you have 3 months to complete the project. Our reveal is in November.

  2. the quilt guild 'winners' quilts are really neat.

  3. We don't have one, I would love to learn more


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