Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blood Moons and Lunatics

Did you see the blood moon or the lunar eclipse on Wednesday?  Let me tell you, there is a reason why they use the term lunatic, cause I am positive that things seem to get crazier when the moon is full.

Here are some examples.
Tuesday morning I am getting ready to leave for work at 5:40 am.  I go to pull out of my driveway and almost get hit!  By a car driving about 70 miles an hour!  With no lights on.

I drive a school bus and I am getting ready to pull into the school parking lot to discharge the high school and junior high.  I let two other buses turn in front of me so we can all be close to being on time.  The person behind me is laying on the horn like their hair is on fire.  Pulling up to the school come to find out it is one of the school secretaries.

That same morning I pull into the bus only drive to let deliver one of the grade schools, a lady in a Camaro pulls around me, jumps out of her car, leaves the door open and goes into the school so I cannot pull up to let the kids out.  The next grade school (yes I am fortunate enough to deliver kids to two different schools) I have a lady in an SUV do the same thing in that bus only drive.

No this is not my picture, but this is what I did see Wednesday morning while on my high school bus route.

Another cool thing I have been noticing are the large number of Turkey Vultures also known as Turkey Buzzards around.  The Ancient Uncles lone chicken has disappeared and I am sure she was probably prey recently to one of them.  Did you know that a group of Turkey Vultures is called a Wake?

Again not my picture but this morning driving my route I saw a tree with them which looked much like this.  It was kind of chilling really.

Speaking of birds.  The girls are finally producing!  Yeah!  We got two eggs so far.
They are about the size of a medium egg.  Which isn't bad for their first eggs.  Some chickens their first egg is about the size of a robin egg. 

I did a wee bit of retail therapy the other day.  I had to have the red/yellow colorway of Oh Clementine.
It is so bright and happy! 

I am ready for the crazy to settle down?  Anything crazy going on in your life?


  1. Yes, you did have a bit of a strange day! Your fabrics are so pretty. Maybe they will help the craziness settle down!

  2. Probably some mad mother's ! Buzzards were swarming around the barn yesterday....then the "Ranch Patrol Foreman brought up a deer leg. It's bow season here...our hunters killed a deer and left the carcass behind their camp ! They are city boys, they are going to hear about it.

  3. I'd rather not argue with a big ole bus...what's wrong with those people! We used to notice more criminal or weird behavior with a full moon, so it must have some affect on us. I'm glad you ended your post with beautiful fabric, because those vultures are just plain creepy!


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