Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sewings On

Do you ever have times when you are not doing a whole lot of sewing but you want to try some new things?

Last year at a quilt show I saw a quilt made of panels that had been cut up and sewn back together.  My guild was going to have a class on it, but it got cancelled for some reason so I thought maybe I would find the book and a panel that I wanted to use.

I found the book on Ebay.
Looks pretty simple and I actually found a fabric panel I wanted to make too!
Antique tractors!  DH is a John Deere man, but the panel included some of the other antique tractor brands also.  While each picture is only about 6 inches it should be quite a bit bigger after it is fractured.   I think that I am going to take a photocopy of the square first and test it out which is suggested in the book.  I even found matching scattered fabric with the tractors scattered all over it. 

I have been going back and forth about doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery QAL.  But I decided I would pull some fabrics and maybe acquire some new ones.

The Quilter's Asylum had a lovely bundle of fabrics 2 of each color to give you a start.  I thought they were pretty awesome looking so I bought the bundle.  Wednesday, DH and his mother went to the apple orchard to pick up our 2 bushels of Mutsu apples.  They are a cross between a Granny Smith, and a Yellow Delicious, nice firm flesh, but not too sweet.  I met them after work and we went to dinner and headed to Joann's Fabrics.  I needed some fabric to finish up my stocking.  While I was there I bought some greens.  I hope they will work too since I don't have a whole lot of green in my stash.

What do you think?  Too limey?  Or do you think they would work?

Oh and here are my Christmas Fabrics.
Simple red for the lining, and the peppermint for the back of the stocking.

The pile of scraps shown here. Turned into this. 
 I actually got batting on it and quilted it in just a few minutes the other day. Add the toe, heel, lining and a hanger and tada!
Not too shabby.  OK my toe is a little square but I like how it turned out. 

Sunday afternoon DH and I were going to remove window screens and wash windows and the screens, but we have had an invasion of Japanese Beetles.  They look like orangish colored ladybugs, but they are not very lady like.  They are constantly landing on you, crawling all over you, and they bite too even when unprovoked!  So more than likely we open a window and remove a screen we are going to be invaded and I just cannot deal with more bugs in the house after the cricket invasion of September.  

That is the sewings on going on around here, not much sewing but lots of planning. 


  1. I will watch your progress on the fractured quilt with interest. This is the first I have heard of this method. I had considered doing th Mystery this year, but don't think I will. I am sorry about the bug problem, will they leave with cooler weather?

  2. I too have panels that I have not a clue what I had in mind at purchase so will be watching to see what you do with yours. love your greens and love the stocking too! great job!

  3. They invaded here last year, hate them. I was looking for tractor fabric today to! To make our step grand daughter a quilt

  4. That fractured idea looks interesting - I'll be watching to see how it works for you. And great fabrics for Bonnie's mystery! I think I'm going to save the clues and maybe start it after the first of the year if I decide I like it enough. I'm buried under an avalanche of current projects right now!

  5. They might be "limey" but I love them! blessings, marlene


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