Friday, October 3, 2014

The Blast Through September

I blasted through September it was like deep breath, blink, and it was over.  Or what would be better known as my September recap.

My plans are going to be simple.

1.  Finish Challenge Quilt applique, quilt, bind, label, and sleeve. 

Yep I finished the day it was supposed to be at the show!

2.  Finish quilting the barns, binding, and sleeve.
Yep finished that too.  Did have some questionable quilting lines.  But it is done.

3. Quilt ginger rose, binding, label and sleeve.  Nope but that is a whole other story

4.Tropical Shores Tubix sleeve, and label.  Yep it is being displayed at the show.

5.  Aurifil block of the month, and finish up the one from August!  Nope now I am three behind.  (insert sad face)
6.  If I get all the above things done how about some Farmer's Wife blocks?  Nope not even a stitch!
I know I have a week of classes for work.   Yep took my class and I got one of the highest scores ever with a 99. 

No I am not working except as a sub but they keep telling me I will keep busy.  Another story I am just not up to going into right now.

I did manage to read three books this month bringing my total up to 57 for the year.  

Overall I am going to call this a so so month.  Even though I am not posting this until the 3rd.  :D


  1. you got a lot done for being so busy!

  2. I'd say this is far, far away from a so-so month. More like a "Wow, you got a lot done" month!

  3. You are a buzy bee ! What kind of books do you like to read ?

  4. Love all your quilts, but I want to make your barn quilt

  5. Your show quilts turned out great! Good job!

  6. I thought you said that September was a so-so month. I think it sounds like it was a sew-sew month, and I have no idea how you found time to read 3 books as well.

  7. Can't wait to see some more photos of the show. Your quilts look wonderful! LOVE the barn quilt. It is outstanding!


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