Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Celebration of Quilts Part 3

I know I am a wee bit slow in getting these cropped and edited.

There were a few  flannel and wool quilts.  Looking for my pictures I realize I did not get a picture of the flannel quilt.  Ugh!  It did not really grab me at first, but when I got closer and saw that it was a flannel which was a whole different twist.  I did think this wool one was pretty though.

There was some applique'.

Some embroidery. 

These are part of the challenge quilts. 

And mine.
This was based upon a picture we took of an American Lotus blossom.

There were also some past challenge quilts
This one was fun the challenge was to match the colors in the button.  Sorry the picture is not great.
Wow it is getting late and I still have a bunch more pictures.  Come back and see the rest hopefully tomorrow.


  1. I love those art quilts...especially the yellow lotus blossom...hmmmm

  2. Hope your day is better than mine has been every thing I have sewed on I have had to take off

  3. The Challenge Quilts are gorgeous. Slow? Not you!

  4. The challenge quilts are so neat to see how each person intreprets the challenge. Yours is very cool.
    Love that "Sweet 16" quilt.


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