Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Goings On

I survived the weekend!  I am at the age where I am have learned that life has its ups and downs and you just kind of roll with the punches.  Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming but say a prayer and move on.  I started with a pretty nasty cold which kind of knocked me off my feet which got pretty bad on Wednesday. 

Friday with construction and it almost took me an extra 30 minutes to finish my afternoon grade school route!  I got back to the yard, went to the office to grab my charter trip instructions and there was so much going on that I did not have everything I needed.  I made the executive decisions and sent the mechanic out to get my bus ready, fueled, grabbed the keys and finally got home after 6 pm.  When your days start at 4:30 am, even with a break in the middle for about 4 hours- working for another 4 hours throws everything off.

Saturday morning I was up and out of the house extra early.  I was not too sure what my charter was but I was picking people up at a high school about 45 minutes south of where I live.  Then I went to another high school about 45 minutes north of me and picked up another group of kids.  What were they doing?  The kids were cleaning up different blight areas in and around Detroit.

The Detroit Train station.  This was once a beautiful building, but has not been used for years.  The kids had their pictures taken as a group.

I then took a group to Belle Isle.  At one time this was a happening place.  The Carillion, some also call it the Peace Tower.

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory.  There were so many other old buildings which are fabulous and people are working diligently in restoring these marvelous old buildings. There was once a zoo, aquarium, a casino, a yacht club, horse stables, and this is where the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix race is run every year. 

While they were working I was stitching.  I finished the outline and started on the inner stitching for the letter 'N'.

By the time they were finished and I got them all delivered back to their original departure points and I cleaned and fueled the bus again it was after 6 pm.  Another long day!

DH told me when I got home that the youngest daughter was having car problems and we were going to have to look at her car sometime Sunday.  Our original plans were that we were all going to the apple orchard, but DH assured me we could do it after he looked at the car. 

Sunday morning began with a desperate call from the youngest, in tears.  Her car died along the side of the road as she was off to pick up the two oldest boys from their father's house.  DH loaded up the truck with tools, stopped and filled up the truck and ran to a friends and grabbed our big trailer.  The drive shaft broke and fell out of her car.  Well it isn't a car it is a mini van, a big, old, mini van!  Between the youngest, DH and I we winched it up onto the trailer and brought it back to our house.  Good new?  DH can fix it.  Bad news?  It may take a couple of days to get all the parts, even though we went to the local junk yard and pulled parts off of some old wrecked mini vans, because of course we could not find the exact year of her vehicle.

The kids had a fun time running around the farm, picking berries, loading up on eggs, and picking corn.
It is actually called glass gem corn.  It is an heirloom corn and is actually a popcorn. 
 The only real sewing things I have done are utility sewing, fixing pants, hems, but here are fabric acquisitions.  I have some ideas to make the oldest grandson a quilt, since he was talking about he wanted bedding he saw with skulls.
I saw this panel which I think would be perfect.  I also picked up some black on black fabric with a filigree with skulls too. 

I am kind of excited about starting something new. 

I also got some sunprints from Allison Glass on sale!
One is eggplant, then the black on black, and the other is clementine. 

I really need to get a ton of things going.  I have a stocking to make for a charity which is due the first part of November which means I need to dig out my Christmas fabrics.  I know I have a bunch of 5 inch charms that I can use, I have a ton of quilting to do not including the 3 charity quilts, among other things. 


  1. Few things are worse than car troubles!!! Hope you get it fixed up soon and that worry off your plate. Love that corn - so colorful!!!!

  2. Hope that this week brings solutions rather than more problems my friend :) Love that you are sneaking in a start among your finishes!

  3. Car problems are never fun. Hope her car gets fixed quickly.

  4. Try to find some time to sew to relax. Hugs

  5. You were crazy busy!! The train building is beautiful. So sad to see such awesome architecture just sitting there unused.

  6. car troubles are no fun for sure. sending good vibes your way for some sewing fun soon! love your new project idea with skulls.

  7. You've been very busy ! I am so impressed that your husband is such a handy seems he can do anything. You are very blessed ! An awesome thing that those kids are doing community projects ! And the corn is so pretty, I've never seen any like it before. I hope your youngest car runs forever from now.....bless her heart !

  8. Never seen glass corn before. Pretty neat.
    Love the buildings. It is one thing I like to observe when I go to new places.

  9. ayeeee the corn!! I can't believe it's real! I have the same skeleton panel and fabric to make a quilt and now don't have time before Houston. Grrr, but I did finish A halloween quilt at least. Fun stuff. Found you from pugmom's blog. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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