Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pondering the Economy Block

When is an economy block not an economy block?  When it is switched up a bit and made into a snail's trail.

One of the groups I belong to does a block of the month (actually it is a bit more than one block per month).  One of the first blocks was a Snail's Trail.  We are making 12 inch blocks.  I made this one.
I was just not loving this.  So I thought I would change it up.  If you break the block down it is essentially an economy block.  I started looking on the web for some hints on making an economy block and sizes.  I need to end up with a 12 inch block finished and I wanted it to not be bland.

So I started playing and started with this to break up some colors.
And progressed to this.
I like how it turned out but still not exactly what I was looking for.  Oh well it can come apart one more time at least a bit to see if I can figure out something different.

I did get a bit of fabric reinforcements.  I decided I needed to enhance my polka dots.  White dots on red, red dots on white and white dots on yellow which make me smile.

Do you ever have things that just don't turn out how you visioned them initially?


  1. I have a terrible time getting things to turn out without something to look at first. I liked the first and last blocks you made the best. BTW, my husband was being a smart aleck and told me it was a square not a block because it is one dimensional. He's such a pain!

  2. I like all three blocks. the reason I have made my relaxing robin is that I have **cough cough** a few **cough cough** of those "not how I envisioned " blocks to use up lol

  3. I like your colorful alternative! And your new retail therapy!

  4. Yep, I never end where I plan to at the start...part of the journey and the fun my friend ;)

  5. I start something and by the time it`s finished it`s totally not the way I intended to go. And it`s always better than what I envisioned.

  6. All my quilts have a mind of their own

  7. I frequently have that problem, that's why I use EQ7 so much - I at least know where I'm going with something. I love your 3rd version of the block. Somehow, the 1st one was too bland, the 2nd was better but the 3rd is great.

  8. My answer is yes, maybe you and I should invest in an EQ7 ! I like your first and third. Retail therapy is such a GOOD THING !!

  9. I really like your last block. Very cool!
    Yes, I have had many things not turn out like I envisioned.


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