Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Plans

How do you feel when you enter the New Year?  Is it with excitement, fear, trepidation, worry, enthusiasm, ?  So many emotions.  I will admit I am feeling all of these.  I won't lie, this past year has been bad, but things have wound down, and I am looking forward to this New Year.

I will admit I have had some fear.  Going from a house full of people that you were caring for to just one person.  That is a huge adjustment.  That sudden quiet, all the time! The lighter work load, meals, laundry, cleaning....not running people to the doctor all of the stuff involved with having a family. Going from always caring for someone to having no one.  How do I fill up that empty time now?

Well you find things to do.  Some new, and some not so new-

I joined a beehive.  I think we are still an unnamed  Lola Swarm.  The Queen Bee for January chose her block it is called Hidden Gems and you can find the pattern here. I will say that I am a bit better at my paper piecing, but still.  It took me all day to make one block and 1/2 a day to make the other and I had all the template fabric pre cut.

Two separate blocks.  I had them laid out all pretty to take a picture and Bobbin jumped up, snatched them and ran.....which means that a chase through the house ensued to retrieve them.  

I have joined a charity quilt group at church.  They make simple envelope style quilts.  They only meet once a month, but they sew many quilts, so I am going to assume that a few people cut and sew the tops together during the month, and return them to be tied.  Those that don't sew, tie the quilts.  Many of the quilts are full size bed at least.

While I chose not to be part of the executive board for the Monroe County Quilt Guild, I decided to take on the duties of the charity quilt lead.  There will be some changes coming.

Since this is the year of the Monroe County Quilt Guild Quilt Show in October I volunteered to help organize the distribution of the raffle tickets to the members for the raffle quilt this year.

I am going to run the challenge quilt again this year for the quilt guild.  

I have agreed to join a couple of blog hops.  Something I haven't done for a couple of years.

I would love to enter a quilt or 2 in the county fair.  If I remember right I have to have my quilts ready for the entry form by the end of April, first of May for the Fair in August.

I would like to have 3 quilts to enter into the Monroe County quilt show. I have to have these done by August.

If that does not seem like enough I have also started to assess what I have hanging around.  No it does not mean that all of these are going to be making any progress at all.  But laying them out on paper ok in writing.  I think I need to consider what I have before I see something that I just have to have---cause there are a couple I have been eyeballing. 

Quilts finished that need quilting-

Ginger Rose

Red Aurifil BOM Quilt
Ripples and Reflections
Black Eyed Susan

Hugs and Kisses
Pink and teal Bargello
Scrappy Chevrons
Grand Illusion
Winter Quilt
Wreath Quilt
Northwest Spirit Dreams
Wheel of Mystery

Quilts that need borders

Farmer's Wife
Jewel Box

Yellow Brick Road
 Vintage Rose 

Quilt blocks that need sashing and borders

 Redwork Words of Wisdom

Ben Franklin Crafts BOM
2016 Bag Lady Quilt

2017 Bag Lady Quilt

Quilts that I have made over 1/2 the blocks

Saw Toothed Square
Fancy Fox

Twisted Blossom
Crown and Thorn
Jeff's T-Shirt Quilt
Farm girl Vintage Quilt
Friendship Block from January 2015
Ancient Flying Geese
Fiesta Batik Quilt

Quilts which are appliqued that need the motifs stitched

In Our Garden BOM
Winter Cardinal
Pumpkin Row by Row

Quilts that need applique'

Hidden Flower Garden
Poinsettia Wall hanging

Quilts that are long term projects--hand work

1/2 inch hexie scraps
yoyo blocks
Grandma's Flower Garden
Barn  embroidery Quilt
Tumblers--leader and ender
Summer Scrappy Star
Bringing Home the Tree

Quilts that I have only made one or 2 blocks

Ocean Waves Quilt
Kaffe Fasset Pineapple

Curvy Log Cabin
Chicken Quilt
Country Charmer

Awesome Ocean
Craft Warehouse BOM
Berry Bear Paw
Double Wedding Ring
Drunkard's Path
Gypsy Wife
Ribbon Stars
Westering Women
Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Quilt kits

Winter in Washington
Farmhouse Stars
Color Crystals
Washtub Stars

Gold Finch

American Quilter
Stars over Bali
Radiant Star
Blazing Star
Sewing Through the Season
Holiday Traditions
All Squared Up Table Runner

Quilts that I have started to cut but no blocks made

Desert Sky
On Ringo Lake
August Stars
Chocolate and Roses
Cottage Christmas Quilt

Quilts that I have the fabric and pattern, just no start

Colfax County
LaConner Stars
Among Friends
Cayden's Quilt
Xander's Quilt
Sand Devils

Cattails Meadow
Dandy Drive
Bee Happy
Moda Modern Building Blocks
Watermelon Quilt
Fly Away Quilt

New This year

Temperature Quilt
HoHoHo Quilt
2 Quilts for blog hops I have committed to participating in.

I would love to learn some new things.  I am joining the TAST which is Take a Stitch Tuesday.
I am also aiming at finishing a couple more stocking tops, and doing some bootcamp cross stitch on my heaven and Earth Designs.  

I was asked what would be my word for the year?  I had so many.  Love, Faith, Kindness, Joy, Happiness, Opportunity....but I think this will be my year of Transforming.  Even though the caterpillar doesn't see to change, nature forces that change upon and the end result is a beautiful new creation.



  1. love your ginger rose and jewel box quilts. and a fox quilt is on my to do list but I have not started. I like your statement.......the caterpillar is forced to change and the result is a beautiful new creation. good luck getting your list down. may 2018 be a good one

  2. Your quilts are fantastic! Love the fox quilt and the black eyed susan! It's going to be a great sewing year!

  3. You definitely have a lovely group of quilts to finish up--and projects, too. I especially love that KF Ocean Waves...
    I am thinking that I HAVE to really find a method of making HST's as my big challenge for 2018--I know it sounds simplistic, but I am so triangle challenged that it isn't even funny and all the blocks I've been looking at contain them...we'll see if posting about it will "hold my feet to the fire" hahaha ;o :00 :000
    Hugs for a Happy and productive New Year...Julierose

  4. I think transforming is a beautiful "word" to define your 2018. I've neer joined a "bee" group...if I didn't work full time I think it would be fun! You got a great list put together here...and lots of variety to show your sewing talent. Enjoy your journey this year. I'll be watching and cheering ya on. V:).

  5. You are a super busy lady. Love the Quilts.

  6. Where do you put them all?lots of great quilts!

  7. Transforming is a good word for you. You sure do have a lot already planned for 2018. Enjoy it all.

  8. Wonderful blocks. So funny Bobbin grabbed them and ran off...hee hee. Fantastic list. You are so organized! I am in awe. I have all my projects in such a muddle.

  9. Wow....what a year you have planned out. It will be fun to follow along. Enjoy the process or should I say processes???

  10. You are doing a great job! I LOVE how you organized your projects. I have gathered up a few of my WIPs and have begun working through them as well. It will feel good to have some done. I have three going to the quilter this week alone! The rest will require a lot more work to make progress on but I am going to make a dent in them this year. Happy New Year my friend!

  11. I think you are doing very well and certainly keeping busy. You selected the perfect Word for you in 2018. Your quilts and blocks are beautiful.
    xx, Carol

  12. Happy New Year, good luck holding to task :) I made some finishes this year so am going to make sure to let myself play in some new puddles this year, ha!


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