Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I Like Thursday #11

I will admit.  I really, truly contemplated skipping this week of "I Like Thursday".  Maybe I am having a pity party, it is just a tough week.

Forgive me for some of these.  Like I said I really had a hard time.

I like this attachment for my vacuum cleaner.  It gets underneath big pieces of furniture.  Using it on the recliner I found a frog, a hulk head, a jingle ball, and a rainbow ball.

It pulled tons of dust bunnies out from under the china cabinet and TV stand too.  I bet it would be great for vacuuming out the lint from the dryer lint trap.

I like Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products.  My favorite scent is Lemon Verbena.  When I was a kid doing dishes, I ended up with a sensitivity to dish soap, I would get this prickly rash all over my hands.  I will use the Dawn with the Olay, but the one I liked the best had shea butter and peach, and they don't make it any more.

No laughing but I like my new kitty litter scoop.  It is heavy metal, and I don't have to worry about it cracking or breaking while I scoop.

I like these retro pole lights, that one of Jeff's elderly friends gave us a couple of years ago.  Really not my style, but she really wanted us to have them.  Obviously they grow on you.

I like that they do one light, two lights or all three, and the glow is so nice.

I like my pencil drawing by David Delamare.  He passed away about a year and a half ago.  You can see more of his art at Bad Monkey Productions.  I bought this when I was young, I scrimped and saved after seeing it at a small gallery.  It is called The Worm Turns.  The cat reminds me of Lucy.

I like the Carol Doak foundation paper for paper piecing. I ran it through the printer the other day when I was prepping my Wanta Fanta block.  I will say it works much nicer than regular printer paper.  I would not normally purchase something like that because I don't paper piece.  But I had the $200 from C & T Publishing, and bought it from them.  Speaking of not liking to paper piece.  I shared my block the other day in my post, but here it is again.  I have it stuck to the backside of my design wall.

Since I seem to keep picking up paper piecing patterns, I figured I may want to invest in more paper, this time I am going to try newsprint, and see how it works in my printer.  A wee bit thinner than the Carol Doak foundation papers.

I like my light box that I bought on Massdrop.  Now I have used the overhead projector, a window, and even just a very stark white sheet with another piece over it to trace.  Wow this makes it so much easier when I am prepping for applique, or embroidery.

I like chicken fabric.  Come on who can't smile at the happy hens. Soon I see a chicken quilt in my future.  Maybe two!

Speaking of fun fabric.  How about some Cotton + Steel squirrels, foxes, and raccoons or Michael Miller foxes on the far right?

Finally I like this wall hanging that I made for Jeff for our first anniversary.   He loved it and instantly found a place to hang it.  It hangs in the alcove where you either go do laundry or to the basement. 

The saying is:  What I love the most about my home is who I share it with.  Friday would have been our 5th anniversary.  I really miss the person who shared his home with me.  Happy Anniversary Baby.

Head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and see what other things are out there to like.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Yes, I see how it is a hard week for you.

  2. Happy Anniversary sweetie. a tough week indeed. love your pooper scooper I will have to look for one like that. love that pic of you and Jeff too. it is filled with love

  3. I can see why you have had a difficult week. Take comfort in those wonderful memories. What a beautiful picture!

  4. Happy anniversary dearest Colette! Yes, it’s okay to indulge in a one day pity party, but then you must rise and move on. Think of all the other people in your life who you love as well as all of us who love you so much.
    Thanks for sharing your post today. You really need to do a photo montage of your couch findings!
    Pugs and kisses

  5. I have no words. Finding such a wonderful man and being together for such a short time is a huge tragedy. But continuing to be happy about the little things surely helps you through a tough time. I've read these Thursday posts before, but this is the first one that really caused me to pause and think about the things around me and why I like them. I particularly LOVE your pole lamp. Not so much in the daylight, but it is so gorgeous lit in the evening. I'm glad you kept it and use it.

    I like Thursday: your blog.
    xx, Carol

  6. Happy Anniversary--is a tough one. Hoping such wonderful memories can warm your heart and comfort you.
    hugs, Julierose

  7. Happy Anniversary my friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Hi Colette,
    Aww, Happy Anniversary. I am sorry you're not able to celebrate with Jeff but you certainly carry all the fun memories in your heart. I love that wall hanging, and it must make you smile each time you go to the basement or to do laundry. That light box - so cool! We have a HUGE one that a student made for Sue. It works great but it is so heavy and bulky to pull out and use that we usually just don't bother. I definitely need that vacuum cleaner tool - I need to get the lint out of the dryer for sure. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Hugs and prayers for you during this challenging week. I like the Wanta Fanta quilt you are making. I used to use Carol Doak's paper but then I discovered vellum. I get a pack from Joann's and it really rips off easier with less mess. Just a suggestion.

    Hugs and hugs!

  10. Happy Anniversary and I love that photo of the 2 of you. Hang in there girl! I also like those likes-especially at night. They're like mini chandeliers.
    Have a better week. mary in Az

  11. Sorry- I meant lights not likes in that sentence. mary in Az

  12. So glad you posted anyway! I know the yucky weeks can be tough to find good stuff, and I'm glad you did! I love your pole lamp! My grandmother had one when I was a kid and I loved it then. I wish she still had it! And don't worry about loving the kitty litter scoop. I hated the flimsy plastic one I used to have- it felt like have the time it would fold in half and stuff would spill everywhere. I hope you have a good week!

  13. It's totally understandable why you are having a rough week...Hugs to you, my friend.

  14. I love the saying on your wall-hanging! I'm sorry you're hurting this week - we are all sending you virtual hugs. Good for you for trying to find positive things anyway!

  15. grief.
    what an accomplishment to do an I Like post in the middle of your grief.

    I like your likes and must go look for Meyers soap.The lightbox is a dream. Your fabric is so whimsical.

    You are still loved. Jeff loves you from a distance, we love you from a distance too.

  16. I am all for heavy-duty tools that can take a beating and keep working. So no laughing at your kitty litter scoop!

    I haven't done much paper piecing, but I like using freezer paper. It has to be cut to size to fit through the printer, but once I got the hang of that, it does pretty well.

    Love those chickens!

  17. Oh I HEAR you on the kitty litter scoop! I almost bought one at our pet store but $17!! I said to my husband I have a job for you when you get your garage up and running... Love your Wanta Fanta block! (they're harder than they look!) That's a great, albeit poignant embroidered wallhanging. Must be so hard for you.... January seems to be a blah month for a lot of us for various reasons. Glad you can find, and write down what you are grateful for; it helps, even if it only helps for a few moments at a time. A light box--on my bucket list for some time now! Have made my own, but never quite the same.

  18. Love the wall hanging. Pretty cool kitty litter scoop you got, I will look around for one. Great fabrics.

  19. How difficult at times; the unfairness of life is cutting.
    Some days it is just one foot in front of the other and then it is okay again. That's the way I find it.
    Anyway, you did well with your likes. I've never tried foundation paper...maybe it might have helped when I did the Farmer's Wife blocks because I needed all the help I could get then!
    I inherited a light box from first wife and I love it. I used to use the window before.
    When I vacuum at daughters, I tell them any money I find in the sofas is mine.
    Lego pieces they can keep.
    And I have to use the organic/clean style soaps as well in everything...laundry, dishes, etc.

  20. I am sending you HUGE hugs today. I love the photo of you and Jeff. I'm guessing it was taken at Multnomah Falls. (((Hugs)))

  21. I'm glad you went on and posted. Lovely picture of you and Jeff. Hugs

  22. It's hard to wish you a "Happy" Anniversary because this is definitely not a happy time. But, I will wish you a day of peace and love for another anniversary to remember what you had with Jeff. Lots of hugs for you my sweet friend. xo

  23. What a special photo of you and Jeff. Hope you had some good memories to think about yesterday.

    I laughed when you said the elderly lady really wanted you to have the lights. I have a large lamp with lampshade in my lounge that came to us in a similar way. We never even use it! And it is so annoyingly in the way to open the curtain that is beside it. She lives in another part of the country now and would probably not remember who she gave it to. So, perhaps I will see what I can do to clear it out! Except what about the guilt from a distance thing? ;-)

  24. Anniversaries are tough. Cut yourself some slack for having an off week. Love the chicken fabric, and foxes,squirrels and racoon's.


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