Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Like Thursday #9

I had intentions of taking my camera with me the past 7 days even with the negative temps.  Yep epic fail.   This evening after surviving the freezing rain that kept me cooped up I finally thought it is time to figure out what I liked this week.

With the cold snap we just had I like my wool socks.  I found these merino wool socks on Amazon and ordered them.  They are very fluffy, and keep my feet warm.

 I have  blue, green, purple and gray pairs.

I like the fact that my chickens may be finally done moulting.  Moulting is when they lose their feathers, and grow new.  The problem is that it takes a lot of energy and egg production severely dwindles.  Add to that the extreme colds, and a few days that I wouldn't let them out of the coop due to the extreme cold.  Most of November, and December I am lucky if I get 1 egg a day.

We are back up to 5-6 eggs a day again.  Yea!

I like candles, it is nice to be able to burn them, and I have definitely likes when it comes to the scents.  I have been a wee bit homesick for Oregon lately.  One of my friends that recently was transferred was talking about a housewarming gift they received from a company called Homesick.  
I bought one for my daughter and one for myself.  According to their website:

Like a breakfast in the great forests of Oregon, this fragrance is reminiscent of maple, pears, and roasted almonds layered over a complex base of fir needles, pine, sandalwood, and rich cedar.

The best way I could describe it, was it smelled like being in the forest during a hot summer day.  

I like my bookshelf that I purchased a couple of months ago.  It actually has adjustable shelves. 
I used it to hold Christmas decorations.  I also like the John Deere clock that I found in a box in the attic.  Reminds me of Jeff, and makes me smile.

I like sales.  I am not a big person to buy clothes or to go out shopping for clothes.  I don't know about you, but I find it extremely frustrating.  But every now and then I see something online.  Does this count as clothes?  OK maybe it is just a scarf.  But I love the birds and the colors in the scarf.

Recently I have been adding to my wardrobe so I am not always wearing jeans, and a tank top.  I also went closet diving and found a few things that I used to be able to wear which will help me get through the rest of the winter.

I said I like sales.  I like fabric sales also.  Especially after Christmas, inventory clearance sales!  I saw a Christmas table runner that was a kit.  I looked at the kit, which was already sold out.  But I thought I may be able to reproduce it, with some similar fabrics.

I love the icy winter grays with the pop of red.  Cardinals and chickadees are my favorites.

I like finding a tutorial which actually spurs me into making something.  Yes I know I wasn't going to make anything other than the list.  But I needed this!

I made a name tag.  At guild if you don't have a name tag you have to throw a $1.00 into the kitty. A little embroidery, some selvedges and....OK I think it is kind of awesome.  Wedding Dress Blue has had three so far this week.  There is a spool one that I would like to do also....hey a girl can't have too many name tags right?  Oh and yes I made that in a couple of hours including the embroidery on Wednesday.  Yes one Wednesday!

Hop on over to LeeAnnas at Not Afraid of Color and see what everyone else likes.


  1. all very good things to like. I like the fact that your "girls" have stepped up production and that you got some fabulous cardinal fabric and I love your name tag. so awesome.
    you go girl!

  2. Great likes! I love your fabric choices and your name tag is fantastic! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Fun name tag, I had one when I used to attend guild but it got so heavy because I kept finding cool pins to put on it :) We are up to 2 eggs a day this last week!! Hope you have your shorts out today, we are forecast to hit 60!!

  4. Oh, I like so many of your likes. Wool socks! Fresh eggs! and adjustable bookshelves. All very good stuff. I like your name tag. I've made Sculpey ones, but I've been meaning make a fabric one, too. Yours is giving me ideas - thanks!

  5. Hi Colette!
    I grew up eating farm fresh eggs - that was my norm. I never knew that the taste and quality from the eggs in the grocery store would be different. Duh! Anyway, I think that is SO cool to get fresh eggs every single day. Oh yes to candles! Love them! John Deere! Boo, hiss - I'm a Case now CNH (Case New Holland) red girl through and through. My dad, mom, brother and even I for a bit worked at Case. JK - I'm glad the clock makes you smile. Ooh, love those cardinals - you know that when you see one that someone who has passed is visiting you. I find a lot of comfort from that saying - and yes, I believe it because I want to. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I could just 'smell' that scent the moment you said "The best way I could describe it, was it smelled like being in the forest during a hot summer day." Lovely.
    The Christmas fabrics are quite elegant. They will look nice made up.

    Love the idea of nametags. I need to do one. I have been co-ordinator for the textile art group for 9 years and I am still doing a sticky write-on label!

  7. I like the idea of having a name tag at guild! I made a name tag holder a while back because I was so tired of the generic ones they give you at conferences and stuff, but now I see I should have just made a whole name tag. Your embroidery is great! So cute!

  8. Before I forget I must say how much I like that Buttermilk Basin kit; I've made ornaments in wool but never a hanging.
    Glad your hens are good to go! Fresh eggs are awesome; during spring and summer, we follow signs at the end of driveways where they are selling the excess eggs.
    I'm impressed with your purchases and online can't be beat for convenience.
    Your embroidery is so nice and so satisfactory to have a thing all done and ready to go.
    Keep busy and keep warm. We are having a mild spell before the threat of another big snowfall tomorrow night. I need those socks!!

  9. I made name tags a couple of months ago, but, I made them too big. I need to make some smaller ones now. I like yours.

  10. I live in sweats in winter with a couple of dress's pant for going some where. Never can find jeans that fit me all over. Like all your likes to. Hugs sweetie love the name tag

  11. What a great idea for candles! I think I might like the Oregon one, too - I've never lived there but have visited enough to love it there! Pretty Christmas fabric, and on sale, too - sounds good to me!

  12. Those soaks do look toasty! I saw that name tag tutorial this week and thought it was so cute. Yours is wonderful with the embroidered name.

  13. I live vicariously through your amazing sale shopping. You find the best stuff!

  14. Love your name tag and fabrics...wish I had those wool socks right about now.


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