Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Like Thursday #12

And it has been another week since I blogged.  Wow I AM A BAD BLOGGER.  I will say this week has been much better.  I am sure those "milestone" days will be tough, but I need to figure out ways to get through them, and I will.

Friday morning I took off on a mini quilt shop hop of my own making.  I figured a change of scenery was called for.

I like I can just go, my daughter watches Bobbin.  Meaning Bobbin goes next door and plays with the big dogs and runs everyone ragged.  Sam checks on Lucy several times a day, feeds the chickens and gathers eggs. 

I like my cheapo knock off step counter.    Unfortunately it tells me regularly what a huge failure I am.
I rarely break 5,000 steps a day, unless I go shopping, and it is too darn cold to go outside walking often.  My daughter sent me an app yesterday called Achievement.  You download it and synch it with your phone, and watch.  Whenever you hit your goals you get a cash prize, and they add up.  
My comment to my daughter was "Are you saying I am fat?"  
Her comment was, "Shut up". 
I then asked, "Um do you know how many times I have to go around the kitchen island to get in 500 steps?  After so many times around you start to get dizzy."
OK seriously I know I need to move more, but I refuse to sign up for an app to tell me I am lazy.  The watch reminds me constantly to move. 

I shared that I made my own wallet a few months ago.  While I love it, I didn't have a purse to match, and I wear purses (even expensive ones) out rather quickly.  I decided I was going to try to be at least a wee bit sophisticated and bought myself a new wallet.  I really like my new wallet.

Which I can wear cross body.  Lots of room in it for cash, cards, change, loyalty cards, punch cards, and a pen even.  Pendleton Woolen Mills has been around Oregon since 1863.  I remember when I was a little girl going to their fabric store with my mom.  I love their wool blankets with different Native American motifs.  The design on my wallet is called Harding.  Of course I needed a purse if I wanted to carry just a wee bit more.

Then I saw the matching tote bag.

Can I just say I not only like....I love my new wallet, purse and tote.

As to my shop hop I will share more about that in another post.  It ended up getting dark and I decided to stay the night.  I saw this hotel, and thought what the heck!

It is a little old hotel in downtown Millersburg, Ohio. 

 They were decorated for Valentine's Day.  This is looking at the front entryway.

This cute conversation seat was in the upstairs hallway.

 The Lobby with a piano, and Italian mirror over the fireplace was very inviting.

 Loved this door to a private dining area.
The old tin ceilings with the moulding around it was gorgeous. 

And what made this even better?  Is the owner is a quilter!  And she holds quilt retreats several times a year.  There just happened to be one going on the weekend I was there.  And hold onto your garters girls....the room I stayed in was only $79 with tax for the night.

For that amount you get your own table.  Groups can come in and just sew, but so can single ladies without a sewing group or guild.  Isn't this room too cool.  Also there is a restaurant and bar, and I will say that I felt very safe in the hotel.  They lock the front doors after 10 PM and you cannot get in if you don't have a key. 

I liked this cow picture.  I thought it was very cool. 

Meet Junior.  I like him, he is cute.  He will be staked to help keep the fields down this spring and summer.

Now he lives in the barn, in a dog house with a heater.  He likes the heat.  LOL

I want to participate in Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy's BOM called It's a Wild Life.  I wanted a background fabric.  I couldn't find anything that really spoke to me, so I thought I would try the printed fabric at Hawthorne Threads.  I like the colors, but I am not too sure if I like the hand.

Plume on Glacial Blue

Star Charts in Glacial, and Glacial on White.

Snowflakes on Glacial.

I like surprise packages.  Barbara of Wont to be Quilter sent me an early birthday gift.  

 What girl doesn't love gifts. 

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  1. Great hotel! Glad you got out of town. I gave up on the pedometer (old type). I wasn't even getting in 1000 steps a day.

  2. I would also bomb out on the steps too. that hotel looks great. so glad you got out. Junior is a cutie love your new wallet and bags. I bet Lucy and Bobbin missed you while you were gone.

  3. You've had a fun week! I love your purse ensemble and the hotel is so charming! Have a great week!

  4. So pretty wallet, purse tote...beautiful :) I am not a fan of the step counters but whatever it takes to get moving I guess, I am trying to start a date with the treadmill each morning and I have only managed one out of the last three days :( That hotel/sew retreat looks like fun, I helped a friend teach at one in Archbold a couple years ago...she needed an assistant as she broke her wrist right before her engagement. It looked like the ladies were all having fun :)

  5. Hi Colette,
    Wow, that hotel is really cool and how fun to be there when a quilting retreat is going on?!! I look forward to the details about your impromptu shop hop - those are fun! Happy early Birthday and {{hugs}}. I hope it is a happy day! Junior looks like a nice addition to your crew - is he a sheep? It's hard to tell while he's enjoying his heater. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Good for you getting out,shop hopping and staying at an unknown hotel. That is so cool that they were quilting and it looks like a lovely, safe place. I like your wallet, purse and tote, too! Great post. mary in Az

  7. Aren't you glad you went ! What started out as a gotta get get outta here, wound up as a blessing. Love all your carry alls !

  8. That hotel looks like so much fun, and to run into quilters there, too - doubly good! I like your matching wallet and tote bag. Pretty and useful!

  9. The hotel adventure sounds brilliant and something you needed.

    The matching wallet/purse/tote are great! I love the designs. Could go with anything.

    The critter in the barn - so funny. like saying Nope, I am Not coming out in the cold.

  10. On a bad day, I'm lucky to get in 1000 steps. But my stupid little fitbit gets me out of the house some days even when I don't want to!

    Love the wallet/bag combo. Such a pretty set! Love the place you stayed, too. All that old detailing is fun. Is Junior a sheep or a goat? I agree with him - I like heat, too!

    Lots of fun stuff. :-)

  11. Ooooh, but those cash prizes could be spent on more fabric!! Just saying! hee hee. Great matching set of bags. You will be the best looking shopper in any shop! The hotel looks amazing - what fun there was a quilting retreat going on - guess you will be back there sometime to take part in one. Love your new member of the team Junior, and super love the cow picture!

  12. I hate wearing my step counter when I am sewing. It always buzzes me to get up and move!

    The trip sounds wonderful. It looks like a great place for a retreat too.

    Love your tote/wallet collection. It's a fun design too.

  13. Love your wallet, purse and tote. What a great find the hotel was and very cool there was a quilt retreat. Happy early birthday.

  14. What a fun getaway! I’m surprised that you didn’t take the goat home for your menagerie!


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