Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I Like Thursday 8

I swear I just did an I like post, it feels like yesterday. 

This will be short and sweet.  Not that I don't have anything I like.  I have just been kind of busy and I don't have any photos.  So I will use what I have.  *giggle*

I like the coffee cup that my sister sent me for Christmas.  It has all of the bridges in Portland, Oregon.

The last time I visited Portland I actually picked up a regional print that had the bridges.  It is the one on the bottom.  I have it in my stash to use someday.  

 I even picked up a row by row that has one of the bridges.  Oh no I didn't even list the 3 big shopping bags of Row by Row patterns and kits I have in my 2018 Plans post! 

I like getting organized at the beginning of a new year.  I filed away all of the paperwork that I have been amassing, and moved the nice printer downstairs where it will be easier to use.  I also moved my overhead projector downstairs so that I can use it also, when I have a crazy quilting idea. 

I have been trying to get organized.  After confessing my UFO pile I decided to get some more of these project totes.  I like these totes they are only about 4 inches deep but they are a great size for blocks and to store quilt parts that are cut out. 

I bought 2 during the stuff my stocking event at a LQS.  I purchased 3 more, and they arrived Wednesday.  I sometimes use the sweater sized tubs too.  They are great for storing the blocks and fabrics in also, but they get a wee bit hefty to tote around.

I like the sewing machine case my children bought me.  I can fit a lot of stuff in there.  I can fit a sewing machine, cutting board, ironing pad, fabric, pattern, notions in it easily with room for Bobbin if she wanted to go. 

I really like finishing up these 20 arcs.  I am trimming them down now, and cutting the last sections of the borders so that it too can be pieced together.

 I just keep plugging along at my the Quiltworx Vintage Rose I may actually finish it in the next month or so.  But once I get the last sections cut I will put it aside (in a project box) to work on a project for the Put a Little Love in Your Quilt Blog Hop.

I like blog hops.  I haven't participated much lately, but I am hoping to turn that around a little.  My day is Wednesday, February 7.  I actually have been working on my project.  You can call it working on the project if you have been drawing out a pattern right? 

I like that these long, dark,  frigid days of winter are made brighter and lighter with the arrival of many seed catalogs.

OK these are a few years old--I told you stock photos.   Trust me I have a stack sitting here that I have been perusing and dreaming when Bobbin is not knocking them over and stealing them.

If you want to see more of I Like Thursday, wander, amble, or even sashay if you can, over to LeeAnna's blog "Not Afraid of Color" to check out the other people who have things to like.  


  1. love your bridge cup and fabric. and those totes look interesting. hmmmm nope I am NOT gonna store any more UFOs (who am I kidding? LOL)

  2. I really like your sewing machine tote! That one is on my wish list. Have a good day!

  3. Ooooo, I likey much the bridge row, you should get right on that so I can see it in fabric, ha! Have a good morning, it is a warmer cold at least now!

  4. Hi Colette,
    Ooh, I love that bridge mug and fabric!! Whatcha gonna make with that fabric? I have found several things that I left off my UFO list . . . and you just reminded me of some more. I have a few Row by Row patterns or kits somewhere. Hmm. I thought I went through everything. HAHA! Those four inch high totes look just perfect for projects. Keep everything together and clean yet not take up too much space. It looks like you and Bobbin can go on a sewing retreat without issue using that nice case! I'm doing the February blog hop as well. You know I'll check you out on the 7th - I like blog hops. It's always nice to see what others are working on, although sometimes it is too tempting. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. What a fun post. I have about 10 project tote boxes like your. I can get them on sale at Joanns and Michaels here. Some I use to store special fabrics such as Christmas fabrics. But I think 6 hold UFO's which I hope to work on this month. Plus, if I go to a sew day at the LQS I know I can just grab the tote. I keep fabric cuts, yardage, patterns and sometime backing all together in one place. Enjoy your day! mary in Az

  6. I can't wait to see all those arc's turn into a finished quilt top. Drawing out the pattern is a large part of starting a project. Can't do anything else until that is done. Reminds me that I have one to draw up. Got to get my Featherweight working again, too.

  7. I like the bridge mug - what fun! That sewing machine case is really cool. Wheels! That makes it easier to lug around. That arc looks need - I look forward to see what you put that in. Oh, and the seed catalogs... I don't have a garden, but I remember the fun of paging through my Dad's when they come in. So many neat plants.

  8. I just bought some of those square project boxes at Costco the other day! They are so nice to put pieces and parts of a quilt project in! I could really use 5 more. :) The blog hop sounds like it will be fun - I always reading all the posts. And dreaming about spring with seed catalogues sounds like a great idea!

  9. Great likes and great mug! I've never used those project boxes and wonder if it will help. Your new sewing machine case is FAB! Have a wonderful week!

  10. my sis got me a coffee cup to, post it tomorrow if i don't forget

  11. I love those totes for projects. They help me keep everything together so I am ready to roll when the time allows.

  12. Collette, I am caught up on your posts. Before I forget, I should mention that video of The Tenors was shot in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. We got to see the outtakes and the footage was wonderful. Sometimes I miss the sea so much.
    Well, I have to say you have quite an array of quilts in your arsenal there lined up needing attention of one kind or another. Lots of happy stitching hours ahead! Love redwork...
    When we moved, we bought totes rather than boxes and they are so useful for so many things and a couple are holding my bigger fabrics.
    I too love your mug...bridges make me think of islands which I have a thing for.
    Take care and hope you have a great weekend now.

  13. Wishing you a happy new year Colette and sending you a big hug !


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