Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Guild Class and More

On January 8th I took a class with Nancy Kloster, who is a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor through the quilt guild.  The quilt that was chosen is called Desert Sky.  I chose fabrics a few months back.  You can see what I chose in this post.

I actually managed to get about 8 blocks done during class.

I would worked on my blog hop quilt, and when I needed a break I would work on the blocks for the Desert Sky quilt. 

Imagine my delight to discover by Friday--in just 8 days I was ready to remove the papers and put it up on my design wall.

I haven't sewn my blocks together.  I am letting it percolate in my little brain a wee bit.  I kind of see some blue block and orange/yellow blocks I want to move at least on the border. 

In the meantime I have also been working on my other quiltworx quilt called Vintage Rose.

I kind of just pinned it up over the top of the blocks for the other quilt.  I was auditioning the roping that I made for a border.

You can see it to the far right.  I am not loving it.  It reminds me of the fruit stripes gum when I was a kid. 

I threw the turquoise up and am not too sure about it either.  I figured maybe I need to get the outside borders put together and then I can audition others choices and see what I like. 

I did get my blog hop quilt to the flimsy stage and had help from the Quilt Assistant while sandwiching today on the dining room table.

Bobbin finally went to nap, and I got it pin basted so it is ready to quilt.  I got to laughing when I was done.  In Lucy the cat's bed, Bobbin has put up her pin up.

I don't know if you can tell but it is Nancy's pug boys.  Bobbin obviously has a thing for them since she carries their picture around and sleeps with it.  :D

I have accomplished a lot in the last few days.  It is amazing what you can get done when you stay off of the computer.


  1. that Bobbin is too funny with her picture of the "boys". LOL
    love both your quilts they look fabulous. and hey what is wrong with juicy fruit gum anyway? lol you have made great progress my friend

  2. Those are stunning quilts! I have had the Desert Sky pattern for years, but am afraid to start it. A class would be helpful, I think.

  3. You are really making terrific progress...but I will agree with you that one border looks like the fruit stripe gum :) I am following squirrels again, attention span zero...

  4. These are amazing quilts--so intricate and beautiful--they really sing...hugs, Julierose

  5. Beautiful quilts and what can I say about Bobbin, too cute ❤️❤️

  6. Hannah and I just giggled together. We thought we had done well but LOOK at what you have done!!!! We are so not in your league! Your flimsys are amazing! The colours and work you have done is so cool. Agree with you on that edging - not quite right. And Snowy would like your quilt assistant to come on over to help him. We are pleased to see Bobbin has the right kinda hero's to carry their picture around hee hee Karen, Hannah and Baa. xxx

  7. Whereas we were out most of the weekend, so, nothing got done here, unfortunately. Nice quilts you are working on.

  8. Your quilts are amazing! Love the bright colours!

  9. Those are both amazing. The Vintage Rose continues to amaze me. I like the subtle elegance of the turquoise in the border rather than the stripe.

    Isn't it nice when those babies take a nap???

  10. Colette, you are rocking the JN quilts! Please come visit me in Boston to help me with mine. You can hang out with the Brown Baggers and Bobbin can come and hang out with her three handsome boyfriends!
    Pugs and kisses,

  11. Oh my stinking gosh...those are impressive.

  12. Amazing quilts! You did a fantastic job on them. Her designs intimidate me. I have purchased two, but have yet to start on them. I just love Bobbin!!


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