Sunday, January 7, 2018

Some Saturday and Sunday Stitching

I had started a new project around Christmas.  I had a Buttermilk Basin kit called Bringing Home the Tree that I just loved, and wanted to play with it.

I prepped the first block.  I struggled so I started bugging  asking for help from Kris of Kris Love Fabric since I know she has done some wool pieces.

I followed the directions and the fusible web just wasn't doing the job.  So I used pins.  (I actually have applique' pins which I located the other day after I was done with this block).

It was suggested to use either 22 or 24 chenille needles.  Now I cross stitch but could I figure out what needles I have, um no.  So I ordered some from Amazon.

I also slipped an embroidery needle when I ordered..

My next question to Kris was what kind of thread do I use, and what kind of stitch?  I don't want to do a blind hem stitch.  I know I don't have the patience to do a large piece that way.

Kris suggested using Aurifil Lana Wool.  So I got online, kind of tried to match my colors and ordered the wool thread.  It is 12 weight, and I will say I love working with it!

I used a kind of blind stitch, almost like what you use when binding your quilt or hemming clothing.

I think it turned out pretty good.  I will put this up for a while so I can work on some other projects.

Those other projects had certain tools that I needed.

Yep I own an overhead projector thanks to my dear hubby.  He would scavenge the most awesome stuff for me.  I will say that it came in handy.  He even scavenged rolls and sheets of the film to use on it.

I also shopped my stash...I pulled lots of pretties.


I think it is time to slice these up and use them.  Speaking of using things.  My daughter found this little sewing cabinet for me, years ago.  It has been sitting upstairs.  I thought with all of the changes I should pull out some of my things and use them again.

Wow you can see all of Bobbin's toys scattered around, and mu old slippers she has appropriated.  She just woke up from a nap, so she actually is sitting pretty still.  LOL

She is getting to be such a big girl.

I have done a wee bit of fiber acquisition too, but I am trying to use what I have.  When looking through my stash I have fat quarters, a few half yards, and some yardage, but I have mainly blender type fabrics or text type fabrics. I needed some blues and a darker green for my bee hive project, and  I had an idea for my blog hop project, and needed actual yardage.  Imagine my delight when I saw these gorgeous text fabrics and the wonderful red!

I purchased some large cuts, and oh I found a cute Christmas fabric that was on sale too.

I also had feline assistance.  I am so proud of this girl. 

She has integrated so well into the household, and she and Bobbin are frienemies.  They will play together one moment, and the other moment they cannot tolerate the sight of  each other. 

I was shopping at a store that is only open 3 days a month, kind of an artsy type store.  I saw this saying and it made me shed a tear, in this store packed with women, I had a moment.

 But I pulled it together, put on a smile, picked up something for myself that was pretty-- some cute

 wool mittens with a wee bit of bling, but all along I was thinking Monday will be 10 months. 

Life goes on and I am transforming, there are moments that the transformation is tortuous, almost painful, but I will come out the other side, and I know he is looking  down on me saying, "That's my girl!  You got this babe!"


  1. Nice job on that wool block--and pretty fabric acquisitions, too...hugs, Julierose

  2. I did "Bringing Home the Tree" as a precut-prefused BOM last year from Shabby Fabrics. It's my favorite thing I've ever done ! I wanted to do the wool they offer this year as a table mat BOM, but it's too expensive for me at this time. BOO HOO. I love that old red truck, reminds me of the truck my dad had.

  3. Your wool applique looks beautiful with you pretty stitching and I agree that is my favorite thread to use too :) Your fabrics are beautiful, whatever you make will be wonderful with those as your base! Hugs to you from afar as you deal with this new milestone today

  4. The wool project you started is darling! It will be fun to see your progress as you work on it. =)

  5. great things to work with, hugs sweetie

  6. I'm sure he is!! He has to be pleased with what he is seeing too. The breakdown moments are to be expected.

    I love your wool project. That is going to be fabulous.

    I'm so glad that Bobbin and Lucy are working things out. Lucy has really come around in her time with you. I remember the first encounters.

  7. Bringing home the tree looks a great project. I haven't done wool projects yet really. Love the sewing cabinet - it is so pretty. Bobbin is looking cute - Hannah and I giggled when you said she was so much bigger - she still looks so tiny to us!
    Jeff would definitely be saying well done.

  8. Great fabrics, cute mittens (really needed this winter, too). I'd love a projector. I used to help my mother enlarge pictures with the school projector (she was a teacher). Many a time I've wished for one, for different projects. Breathe, and take a step forward. It's what Jeff would have wanted.

  9. Kris is amazing at anything she does, so her advice is worth asking for. My mom had an overhead projector like that and I loved using it to make poster art. As for your moment in the store, I'm sure this won't be the last one you'll have. Jeff was a shining star for you.


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