Saturday, January 6, 2018

Temperature Quilt

Have you seen the Temperature Quilt that was made over at Needled Mom?  She made one last year, and her sister who lives in Alaska made one too.  They were awesome.  I had decided before I made the "list of shame" that I wanted to make one.

Now Needled Mom is doing a Temperature Quilt QAL.  How fortuitous for me!  I already had ordered my fabrics.

I bought 4 fat quarter bundles of Moda Bella from Green Fairy Quilts during a sale.  The blue bundle, green bundle, yellow bundle, and orange bundle. 

The bundles have many more colors than what I have pulled for my temperature quilt.  Each bundle comes with these really cute patterns also.

I looked up the temperature range for Michigan.  The historic high was 106 the historic low was -18. 

I then worked out a chart with the temperature ranges, and calculated how many colors I needed.  I then assigned them to the different colors. I am using different colors than the QAL.

-20 to -15    Bluebell
-14 to -10    Surf
-9 to -5        Summer Sky
-4 to 0         Coastal
1 to 5          Sea
6 to 10        Amelia Blue
11 to15       Dusk
16 to 20      Leprechaun
21 to 25      Kelly
24 to 30       Leaf
31 to 35       Sprout
36 to 40       Lime
4 to 45         Pistachio
46 to 50       Summer House Lime
51 to 55       Amelia Green
56 to 60       Keylime
61 to 65       Baby Yellow
66 to 70       Sunshine
71 to 75       Daffodil
76 to 80       Lemon
81 to 85       Sunflower
86 to 90       Yellow
91 to 95        Coral
96 to 100      Amelia Orange
101 to 105    Tangerine
106 to 110    Mango
111 to 115    Betty Orange

Mary and her sister last year did flying geese.  The sky was the low, the body was the high.  This year they are doing a square in a square.  I decided I was going to go ultra simple.  Half square triangles.  I thought at first of doing 3 inch squares.  Twelve months that would be 36 inches wide, maybe a wee bit more if I added a row divider.  But 31 days a month would make the quilt 93 inches long.  I think that is a way too big.  Even doing 2 1/2 inch squares you end up with a quilt which would be at least 30 inches wide by 78 inches long.  But this will end up being a wall hanging so I think it is much more doable.

These are my first 5 days.  I thought maybe Saturdays would be the day I do the week's worth of temperatures.

These are the fat quarters that I have remaining from the fat quarter bundles.  I actually went through, and matched the colors, names, and numbers  on all of them so if I want more I can order it.

I had some happy mail the other day.  Nancy of Pug Mom Quilts had went on vacation with her favorite honorary pug boy (her husband) to Hawaii recently.

A super cute t-shirt with this gorgeous rooster, and some chicken fabric.  Maybe once the weather changes I will wear it to the coop to encourage the girls with their egg production.

I think when I have a couple of finishes I may start working on my chicken quilt. 

I think my temperature quilt needs some background music.


  1. What a neat idea! I had not heard of this before. Thanks for the link!

  2. great idea it is fun to see the difference in areas temperatures. I like blues but I still don't want to live in Alaska LOL will be interesting to see how yours comes out

  3. I LOVE the temperature quilt idea. Right now mine would be BLACK. I have to tell Pug Daddy that he is now an honorary pug boy... Too funny. Pugs and kisses, Nancy

  4. I hadn't seen that one--it is a great idea--I've seen hexagons in rosettes with weekly color ranges though.
    I cannot take on anything else until I figure out what I am going to to do...still on the fence about sewing at all for a while here....but this one looks lovely and would be a great way to LEARN (for me) to do any angled piecing....{sigh}.
    [FYI still no word on hubby's test and off again up to hospital on Monday morning]...and so it goes...hugs, Julierose P.S. I did manage to knit 3 rows on my shawl yesterday though....;)))there's hope....

  5. So I dug around in my solids yesterday to see if I could put this together with stash, lol...I shouldn't have wondered...ummm, yes I can...I wouldn't be able to list color names though as most don't have labels. I think I will go with hst's too as it might be more achievable weekly not to fall behind but I am still dithering on size?!

  6. Temperature quilt sounds interesting! Will head off to needled mum to see what you mean. I like the sound of it. I am promising myself to try not start anything new as I have some many WIP's to finish. Oh, but I do like new shiny things - so if I can't do it I will happily cheer you on and watch from the side lines. Go Girl Go.

  7. I love the HSTs. Your colors look rather chilly right now, I can’t wait to see how this one progresses. A week at a time is very doable so you will be amazed at how quickly the year passes.

  8. You can precut lots of that fabric, as the season's change. That will make it quick for stitching.

  9. Great post Colette. The temperature quilt is a nice idea. I`m glad you are doing well. Love the dog and cat pics!


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