Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finish it Up and More

Really I have been working at finishing some things up!   Nothing to show as of yet, but I have some really fun fabric acquisitions.

First some sewing.

 My design wall is a catch all right now.  My temperature quilt for January.  This past week was a bit more temperate. 

I joined a sewing bee this year and February I am the Queen Bee.  I chose the Wanta Fanta block from Blossom Heart quilts.  Yes it is paper piecing, but easy peasy and the pattern is free!  You can find it here.

This is one of my blocks.  My swarm was asking for a hint as to my colors.  I told them scrappy with white or white on white backgrounds. 

I am sure you all are aware I have been amassing chicken fabric.  Nancy from Pug Mom Quilts put me on the track for these, and of course I had to have some.

It is called Fowl Play by J. Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures.  I really like the ledger text which is part of the line.

I have been eyeing this effervescence by Kaufman and have just the perfect project for it.  Which meant I had a reason to acquire it.

I found some batiks on sale.  Love the light blue reminds me of sky.

Also some cross weave from Moda for a simple easy project that I have coming up for an upcoming blog hop.

 Have you ever worked with ombres before?  I have an idea for a blog hop and found these on Craftsy. 
I pulled out the neutrals and set them aside.  I need to get to work on this project too.

Finally I decided to commit to a blog hop this year.  I am working on a project for the Put a Little Love in you Quilt Blog Hop which will be February 5-8, 2018.  Here are the talented quilters who are participating.

February 5

February 6

February 7

February 8

My day is on the 7th.  Looking at all of these great quilters, designers and bloggers, I am feeling a wee bit intimidated at the moment.  Come by and check it out. 

Finally I have had a friend hanging around the house a lot late.

On my swing by my chicken yard. 

Later on that day behind the woodshed, the grandson and I were burning our paper garbage and what should come walking (yes walking) out from between my chicken yard, back of the garage and side of the woodshed, but another hawk.

Finally I went inside and looked out the front window and guess what was sitting on the powerline directly across from the house.  . 

I thought it was interesting that this hawk and I seem to be crossing paths quite a bit, so I looked up the symbolism of a hawk.

When Hawk swoops into your life be ready for a whole new level of awareness developing in your mind and spirit. Hawk bears observation skills and broad perspectives on His wings. You could not ask for a better companion if you’ve been working on your overall insights.

Hawk is often a messenger from Angels, Devas and the Divine. He signals a time in your life when you need to focus on what’s ahead and prepare for a leadership role. Your global vision is a potent helpmate in this. Just as the Hawk, you are ready to fly higher than ever before.

Lots to think about.


  1. wow that hawk had a lot to say....interesting

    you have been one busy little bee love your fabric acquisitions and projects
    cant wait to see some chicken quilts

  2. Looks like lots percolating, look forward to hopping along :)

  3. WoW! You have a LOT going on! The blog hop sounds like fun. I love the effervesence fabric too so cool!!! I love hawks. Whenever I see them I know something good is going to happen for me. I have found that if I am awaiting an answer on something in my life, if I see a hawk it is usually a positive outcome but if I am thinking about something and see a crow it is usually a negative outcome. I believe they are my spirit animal. Nice to see one so close to you! Enjoy him! Just watch your chickens and cats.

  4. Love your chicken fabrics....

    I will see you on the hopping trail in February..glad you committed.

  5. Beautiful hawk hovering around you...
    your chicken fabrics are delightful..you are a busy lady these days...
    I've never worked with ombres--those and solids are tough for me...I guess I am a print gal...but they are really pretty...will look forward to seeing what you make with them...hugs, Julierose

  6. Love the hawk. The chicken fabric is very cute. You have lots to work on and keep you busy.

  7. Nice friend!! Love all the chicken fabric - cheep - have you thought of what quilt you will be making with it, or still in collection stage? Love all the fabrics. Karen, Hannah and Baa. xx

  8. That IS a lot to think about!!

    I really like your temperature quilt. The fabric acquisitions are fabulous too. I love that ledger fabric.

  9. Just today, I took a closer look at the blog hoppers that Carol has lined up. Move over and make room for me! I’m feeling a wee bit intimidated, too!

  10. I love the photos of the hawk and the information you shared. We have one that recently began visiting our backyard. He sits on an old birdhouse (that no longer closes, due to the woodpecker that visited it for years) and watches the field behind our house for prey.

    Your temperature quilt is so fun. A friend on FB recently shared photos of a quilted project with appliqued dragonflies that I believe were from that same Kaufman fabric you shared. I look forward to seeing what you do with it and all of the fun chicken fabrics!


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