Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I Like Thursday 10

I have been pretty busy.  Ever notice if you stay off of your computer, tablet, smartphone you get so much more done?  I know I do. But it also means that I forget to take pictures and blog. 

I like getting things done.  I can't share, but I will say I love bonus HST.

I have quite the pile here. 

I like when I order something that it gets here a day or two earlier than it says it will.

That always thrills my soul.  Sorry can't share what is in the box either.  Soon my pretties. 

I like that when you sew for charity you get much more done.  I went to the quilt charity sew day for church.  I finished a top to batting and a backing, did an envelope turn, and sewed around the edge.  I just need to hand sew the closure.  I also made 4 backs, and brought home one more quilt to sew together, turn, sew around the edge, and hand sew the closure. 

I know I have said this before, but I love a good fabric sale.  When I get 2 yards of fabric for less than $11 I am a happy camper.  I bought this fabric to donate to the guild for the gurney quilts.  I loved finding some manly looking fabrics in the sale bin.

I like being outdoors, even in the cold.  There are some days it is difficult to take pictures, and some places where I would love to take pictures it is difficult to get to that place.   One was a stream that was frozen over, out in the country.  You could see all sorts of animal tracks going up the middle of the stream.  It was very cool to look at, just I couldn't stop and get a picture.

I like the old mill in the nearby town of Dundee.  I love the old stack.  I think this building has had many different identities.  Currently it is a museum.  Nope I haven't been in there.  It is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  This is the Raisin River, it was named because of the wild grape which grows along the banks. 

I like how the water has frozen over above the dam.  Not that you should walk on it.  We have had too many freeze, thaw cycles for it to be safe.  Unfortunately some people in the area don't seem to realize it and a man was recently lost on Lake Erie, driving his snowmobile out on the water, and it fell through the ice. 

Same river, just downstream at a historical venue near the city of Monroe.  See how it is completely froze over by the bridge?   But just a few yards downstream you see where the current is flowing quickly in the next picture.

I  like the old twisted tree that is leaning out over the water.  I think I may need to wear my pack boots, bundle up more and go explore the old trading post at this spot. 

I  like that this little girl makes me laugh.  Even though she is kicking all of my scraps out of the crumb bin, she is a ball of energy.

I keep garbage cans full of dog bed stuffing, and she is notorious for dragging it all over the house.  I am constantly picking up.

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  1. You had a Mitzvah sewing day too! Bobbin is getting big! Congrats on your great sale fabric find! Pugs and kisses, Nancy

  2. congrats on your fabric finds. Bobbin is sooooo adorable seems to me she was asking for that perfect fabric she saw to complete her project LOL

  3. Those little pooches keep us hopping, don't they. I never had a "little dog" before and I admit my Min Pin has won my hear. You got good loot from I have the urge to go to the quilt shop, but it is going to have to warm up some. Unlike you, I HATE being outside when it's cold and snowy. But each time it snows, it's interesting to see the tracks across my frog pond. The squirrels use it for a short cut.
    xx, Carol

  4. Nice haul on that fabric! Our rivers are totally ice bound...we have Coast guard cutters breaking up the jams...and cold again this morning...
    hugs, Julierose

  5. Good for you on your sewing progress :) I made a small top and backing yesterday for Carla's thing in April...should have plenty of time to get it quilted and bound I hope :) Now to look at Carol's...yes, I'm backwards.

  6. Hmmm...several secret projects going on.....Can't wait to see them. Have fun with the new fabrics. I've been a good girl this year (so far...).

  7. Hi Colette,
    Well, aren't you the tease this morning?!! Soon my pretties . . . okay, I guess we'll have to just wait and be patient. Heck yes on staying off the computer - but what fun is that?? Then I don't know what all my friends are up to, and I can't be tempted into starting another project. And a good fabric sale - woot, woot! I just took advantage at Joann's last weekend and picked up 14 different ones that I NEED. And sweet little Bobbin - what is she barking at? Miss tough girl herself. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Ohhh, I am looking forward to seeing what you are making in your secret sewing time!

  9. Looks like you got some great stuff in the fun mail there. I so admire your quilting for charity projects.
    Yes stay off ice. More people drown on ski dos in Canada than any other way so esp. stay off a ski do on ice!
    I am busy trailing many snow tracks these days...adds real interest to my walks.
    Stay warm and keep those fingers nimble.

  10. she wants to sew but has no thumbs!
    Go explore, but carefully, no ice now ya hear, go explore the old places. They hold old energy and the past to see. I'd go too, with you if I could. I checked out ghost towns near here, all in the mountains so I must wait for summer but I'm a going! I visited one in Utah once and I was fascinated!

  11. I enjoyed your winter photos - winter has its own kind of beauty, doesn't it? Have fun with your secret sewing! Those bonus triangles look fun all by themselves!

  12. Such pretty reds, great photos, and a really cute pup.

  13. Your likes today made me smile. The winter photo's are beautiful! Love the sale fabrics you got too - well done.

  14. Greetings to you and Bobbin, the oh so cutie pie pup! Great photos this week! I really enjoyed them! Nothing like new fabric to get our inspiration juices flowing! Have a great time! Cheers!

  15. I like your old mill building near the river. They're fairly common north of here in NH.

    Huzzah for new fabric and pretty HSTs. I've started to collect scraps for dog beds, but the friend who had been collecting them no longer collects. Where do you give yours to?

  16. Love the photos of the river. My parent's place is on the Penobscot River, in Maine. Familiar site of seeing the middle of the river flowing fast.

  17. You make me laugh.....well...I am going to be waiting on the edge of my computer screen to see what you are doing...nothing is better than fabric in the mail.

  18. Lovely post Colette. Gosh your winters are so beautiful with all that ice and white. Bonus HSTs are the best! Stay warm!


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