Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hunt and Peck

The weather has finally warmed up.  DH has been remodeling our chicken house someone gave us, and I have some days off!  Woohoo!

What am I going to do with those days?

1.  I am on the hunt for chicks.  Yep I know a late start, but later is better than not starting at all.   Growing up you could buy chicks at the local feed store.  Um yeah they don't seem to have those around here.  Tractor Supply had chicks a few weeks ago, but it was not warm enough, and DH absolutely forbid me from having farm animals in the house.  (Rolling her eyes)  Not like they would take up much room, they could have lived in the basement for a few weeks but I was told "NO" under any circumstances.

 After looking at chicks online, comparing the different breeds.   I need a Chicken which is cold tolerant, to survive our harsh winters.  We checked out a place called the Hatchery nearby-  nada.  There is a feed store where they actually bag the feed a few towns over, and they had chicks.  Guess what are living in the sunroom until DH finishes their coop? Should only take him another afternoon after work.

2.  I am going to watch the Minions and get them off to school for the youngest daughter, unless the weather is bad then her S/O does not work, he may get wet.  Otherwise I get to see the kids, and best of all the boys.  I miss them sooo much!

3.  I am going to sew my little heart out.

4.  I am going to finish my shelf so that I can revamp my sewing space.  Needs some sanding and at least another coat of paint and wax. 

 5. I am going to try to get my flower bed weeded. 
Tulips and Creeping Phlox and weeds

Bleeding Heart
6.  I am going to try to get my garden planted-  They say that when the oak trees start to sprout it is safe to plant your garden.

7.  I need to get my orchard and berry patch tilled, weeded and mulched I am growing quite the crop of thistle already, and dandelions!


  1. I need to weed my garden, but I saw a black widow in it today and am now scared to go near it! LOL

  2. So glad you found some chicks! Looks like you will be busy on your days off. Your flowers are looking great. I take it 'Conan' has kept his distance! Have fun with the grandkids!


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