Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Time to Sew and a Time to Rip

 I participate in a batik strip swap  and after receiving many lovely 2 1/2 inch strips, I have a small box over flowing.

A few of the strips.
Top of the box and so you can see how deep it is. 

Yes it is extremely full.  I started making a Jewel box block with these lovely strips and found I needed to have some 5 inch squares to make the centers, so I started adding to my stash. 
My first few blocks were a challenge.  I did not realize how many corners, and points were involved and they were a struggle to finish one in a day.

I wanted them to each be different, and sparkle.

I finished 4 and stalled out.  Decided to do one more.
It came together really easy.  Maybe all the mystery quilts, quilt a longs and Farmer's Wife block piecing was paying off.  So I finished up two more today.

Then proud as can be went to lay them out in the Sun Room to get a feeling for how they would be put together.

I sent a picture to my daughter to see what she thought.  Um yeah then realized that both of the blocks I had finished had errors.  Hint:  No you do not have to look hard the purple one on the bottom, and the lavender one on the left side.  So back to the playroom to rip it up.

These are what they are supposed to look like.

Each block is 16 1/2 inches I would like to make this bed sized at least queen so I think I am going to do 25 blocks total.  Obviously while my points are getting better, I still need to work on my staging before I sew so I do not have to rip so much.

Happy Wednesday the week is halfway over. 

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