Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thank Goodness Its Sunday

Ok it is not actually Saturday, it is Sunday but I haven't done a post for awhile but I wanted to share what we got accomplished this week and join in with Thearica's Saturday Sharing Day at Pigtales and Quilts.

This is my ugly dining room.  Someone in their infinite wisdom chose this funky light blue/mint green color and then put on a brocaded wallpaper with stripes in the same exact color and added a wallpaper border.  The room only has one window and it is tall and thin so not much light gets in and it was just dull and depressing.

Since we moved the doorway from the kitchen into the dining room it was an excellent time to start to get rid of the ugly color and wallpaper border.

OK I will admit it I am excited about how much I love this!  I am not a big fan of yellow, but I love the way this turned out.  Yes we still have the painter's tape up while we wait for the paint to cure.  But it looks so much better!   We put up wainscoting, the chair rail, mop board, OK DH actually did all the work but I supervised.

What else did I do this week?  I finished quilting my Easy Street, and have been working on my binding.  While watching all 6 installments of Star Wars. 

I won't show the front until I have all my markings removed from my quilting and the binding is done.  I am going to have this finished in time for my parent's visit.  They will be here Tuesday night.  I can't wait. 

What have you been doing? 


  1. I've become a human oven and am cooking you another grandson ;)

  2. I love the yellow. My kitchen used to be yellow with touches of blue.


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