Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whole Gaggle of Geese

DH is not feeling well.  Probably a combination of the horrendous thunder storms which came through yesterday, lots of pollen, just being in a funk because he doesn't feel well, being locked up in the house because today it is in the 30's barely, the other day it was in the 60's. 

Me on the other hand I could not shut down last night.  So after I finished trimming part 1 of the Lazy Sunday Mystery I started working on recutting the ancient flying geese.  I actually finished trimming up the bodies and started on the pile o wings.

That pile at the top are the wings.  At least they are in pairs so they are pretty easy trimming.  After I was done with the bodies I realized something. 

I have a much smaller blue pile than red pile of goose bodies.  Thinks that make you go hmmmm.  What was I thinking when I cut only that number of bodies and why so many more burgundy/red ones than blue?

I thought just maybe I had some fabric to make some more blue bodies.
I have a small roll of blue, and a few inches of one of the reds but not enough to do any real damage.  Think it is time to do a body count and then decide what to do from there. 

What a great day to do geese though. 
That is the view of my field from my sewing room window.  Sorry but it is too cold to wander outside for a photo op.  Yep all the rain is just sitting in my field.  That is what happens when I call the nearby wetlands a  swamp.  Divine justice me thinks.


  1. Good luck on all of those geese... We have better weather than you today, but all of this up and down with the weather is just frustrating! Hope your DH feels better soon!

  2. Jessica thank you. He is feeling better, had carpal tunnel surgery after an injury to his hand at work a year ago. No yard work, or working on cars the doctor told him for at least a couple of weeks.


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