Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday on a Wednesday?

This week has flown by. 

Monday took DH to the doctor to remove the mega bandage to be replaced by a big band-aid.  He is to do a series of exercises several times a day.  No working on cars, heavy equipment, or yard work for at least 2 weeks. 
Went to the dump since we do not have garbage pick up.  Actually since he works for a municipality we can take our garbage to the dump for free.
Afternoon walk at the township facility.  For a small township we have a beautiful playground, softball, baseball fields, a lake and wonderful walking path.

Tuesday I had my hair done, came home and the refrigerator and water line had been moved to its new home.
As well as the Hoosier, and the weird funky shelf that served no real purpose but as a junk collector was taken off the wall.
Ran to Toys R Us to pick up the youngest grand daughter's birthday gift.
Removed the small cabinet which was above where the refrigerator used to be.

Wednesday--Since I had not had time to sew all week I declared today was my day to sew.  I was going to work on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt called Lazy Sunday Mystery which is features in Quiltmaker Magazine.

Problem 1.  I had started to cut my fabrics per the instructions and I could not remember what order I had them in when I started this quilt in February.  I had taken a picture of the fabric layout on my cell phone, but it was no longer there, because.....I had not done a back up since mid February, and mid March I got a new phone, and lost the picture.

I had to reconstruct my layout.

I decided instead of going scrappy I was going to use some more modern fabrics, which kind of make me uncomfortable.  Once I figured out my layout I had to try to figure out what I had cut.  Only to discover that I had cut 30 HST the wrong size.  Surprisingly it was not the end of the world, I got them to the right size (which was smaller) and after sewing them squared them up with out a hitch.

Problem 2.  Love DH but every 15 minutes like clockwork he was in my area.  What are you doing?  Wow that machine sews so nice and quiet after I oiled and lubricated it.  Then he decided he could not stand it anymore and he started the kitchen remodel.

Which resulted in this.  While I love the idea of the door being moved it meant constant.  Honey can you help me?  Honey can you find me a box for the plaster and lathe?  The small door on the right will be closed up it is barely 28 inches wide.  Well actually closed, but turned into a bookshelf.  See our house is a 150 year old block farmhouse.  The block is called Michigan block, and it is thick.  That door used to be the window that looked out onto the back porch once long ago. 

DH finally tired out of his deconstruction around 2 pm so I could get back to sewing. 
All my pieces sewn, ironed, and trimmed except for that last set of HST on the left.  Glad I got that done because part 2 of the Lazy Sunday Mystery came out a couple of days ago.  Which means I am behind once again. 

Have a Blessed Wednesday.

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  1. Hey, how are things going with your UFOs? and your hubby. Hope all is well.
    Love those 1/2 square triangles!


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