Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure is doing scrap basket Sundays so I decided what the heck lets stitch along.

Scrap Basket Sunday

I pulled out my Farmer's wife book and cooked up two blocks this afternoon after DH and  I went for a walk at the wetlands.  (I call it swamp!  :D)

I am proud to say these are completely from scraps in my stash.  Or the stash I inherited from my aunt on my father's side.  Many scraps that I posses are from her mother's stash, and when she passed away years ago my mother and sister inherited, and I appropriated about 40lbs of fabric scraps from it. 

I also finished a jewel box block today. 

Time to start dinner for DH, and maybe a wee bit of work on a mystery quilt that has been sitting in parts on my sewing table for about a month.  Then some slow stitching this evening. 

Hope your Sunday was wonderful!


  1. Wow sounds like you need a month of Sundays to use all those scraps! I like your FW blocks - I'm working very slowly on this one too. Your jewel box block is beautiful too.

  2. I'm so glad you joined in! Your blocks are lovely!

  3. Most of my material was also inherited (from grandmother & then my mother when she moved) I also have a very bad habit at yard sales of bringing more stash home!!
    Have spent some time looking around your blog. See that you you have a Singer FW. Would love to find one I could afford!! Do have a New Home Treadle and a Singer 15-91. Also a couple of other machines. Would love to collect some more but no room for more in this small house. Will be watching your blog!!


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