Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keeping Grounded

I thought I was the bomb last night.  I finished two country charmer blocks, a FW block (OK I admit it was just a churn dash block but it was done!), the next block is a squash blossom, and I was working on dimensions for the paper piecing when DH came home.

I go out to chat with him, make him some coffee, and consider what to make for dinner while he is on the phone with the hospital.  DH injured his hand at work last February (he's a heavy mechanic) and we have been dealing with the pain, swelling, loss of grip for over 13 months.  Imagine our surprise when we received a bill from February 2012! { OK I digress but more on this tangent later in the blog.}  Anyway DH goes into my playroom and comes out.

DH:  OMG what happened in that room it looks like a quilt store puked in it!
Me:  I have been busy
DH:  How can you find anything with that chaos?!

DH is not a neat freak by any sense of the word.  What I didn't realize he was trying to get my sewing machine out so he could put it into its new home.

This is my sewing table I found in the attic that we sanded, primed, primed again, and painted.  We had to wait to paint until it was warmer so we could move it to the barn, and this weekend was perfect.  So  Millie can have a new stable home.  Don't you just love it!  I can't wait to sew on her a bit more. I love the little pink glass knob I found that has bubbles in it!

So this morning I walked into my playroom and decided that maybe he was right.  No matter how much of a quilt diva I think I am I don't have minions to clean up after me. 

In this corner are a yellow brick road quilt blocks, a tote of Christmas fabric, reproduction feed sack fabric, pumpkin fabric, a BOM that I am avoiding, my Hugs and kisses quilt, my Quilty Barn Along fabric, and my Farmer's Wife fabrics I have been using.  Oh and my roll of quilt bat fell out of the closet and was laying on top of it all.
My cutting table with scraps which need to be put into my scrap system or folded up and put away or placed in the appropriate box where their quilts are being made.
My sewing table which has a pile of left over jelly roll strips from my hugs and kisses quilt, and my mystery quilt that I started to cut out but got distracted.

The other end of my cutting table, and side table.  Patterns, quilt pieces, mail, and all the junk that was picked up all over the house during the last minute scramble to clean for the Easter Dinner.  Oh and the fabric for 2 different mystery quilts, a lone star quilt, three table runners, and a quilt I want to call a speck of Chocolate with all the fabric. 
There the offending corner is in a wee bit better condition.

I can now go back to my squash blossom block...paper piecing is not my friend at times.  Maybe I should watch some YouTube videos on paper piecing.  I think the biggest problem that I have with paper piecing start with huge pieces of fabric to sew onto a part to trim and leave all these crumbs which are pretty much unmanageable. 

I also need to figure out and get ready for some hand work for Friday.  Finally they are going to do surgery for DH hand and he should be off work for about 2-3 weeks.  I can't wait for him to feel better.  We live on a small farm, have a huge garden, and heat our home with a wood boiler, so there are a lot of chores which while I can do, really need brute man strength at times.  Any prayers for healing and a speedy recovery would be much appreciated too! 

Have a happy and hopefully sunny Tuesday.



  1. My hubby has had the same thing to say about my sewing room on ocasison. I tend to clean up after the 3rd or 4th project when I can no longer walk in safety. lol

    I also wanted to let you know the April To Do List Linky is up on my blog if you want to link up this month.

  2. What a beautiful sewing table! I just spent the last month organizing my own sewing room and I before attacking it I was in total denial that it wasn't that functional for completing projects - now I am amazed by how productive I can be since it is really organized now and picked up:)


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