Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Plans

My plans for the day were to get a good picture in the sun of my completed Easy Street Quilt, finish and fold the laundry and just maybe pull a few weeds, and mulch in the front flower bed, run to the grocery store, and sew until my little heart was content with Scarlet since she is now up and running like a top thanks to Stephen Bradford the sewing machine guy.

What happened so far this morning?

Middle daughter called and wanted to chat....  folded laundry while chatting with her and cut strips for my blocks.
Sew my little heart out until the dew evaporated and I could pull weeds and mulch.  Nope
MIL requested pictures of her cat to take to her sister.  The cat used to belong to her sister who is now in a "home"

Not too sure if I like Picasa or hate it or maybe it is going to be one of those love hate relationships I don't know yet. I seem to have constant problems uploading pictures.

First picture printed out on a standard sheet of paper instead of the smaller photo paper

Watch the Finn while his mommy takes Gabe to school.  FAIL  Finn had a blowout.  I ran Gabe to school
Pull weeds, and mulch---no we have more rain on the way and it never did really dry out.
Grocery store --daughter took pity on me and went so I could finally sew.

What did I get done.

Lots of barn pieces cut out (roof, door, window, background) and one Quilty Barn Along from Lori at Bee In My Bonnet done.  This was number 3.  There was a new step added to add 1 1/2 inch strips of white around the barn, but I am running low on white right now so I will wait on that step but I did get one barn done.  Two more and I will be caught up.

Did you ever have a fabric that you just adore and really do not want to cut into the stash.  The pink in this one was part of Polka Dot Stitches from Riley Blake.  I adore the fabric and just hated using it.  Silly I know.

I had some more time, and I love it that the white for the barn background, roof, and door/window pieces are all ready cut so I just need to make a Farmer's wife block and then figure out the barn color.

This is Barn 4

Amazing what I can come up in my scrap boxes.  I love this one it is soooo cute!

I had time to do one mo

Happy Stitching.


  1. I want to do the barn SAL too, love your barns and I'm jealous....of Scarlet, she's beautiful !!!!


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