Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Doin the Happy Dance

My wonderful DH swung by the house on his way to Monroe to pick up parts  and brought me a coffee. 
And a surprise.

What it is I do not have a clue, and neither does he.  It was at the staging area to go into the landfill at work, and he rescued it.  He thought it would be great to stage strips or use those handy little trouser hanger to hang blocks from. 

When DH returned from work for the day we had dinner, and were arguing about which account the gas bill came out of only to discover it came out of both.  While I was working on remedying that, he was perusing Craigslist.  Now he finds some mighty cool things there.  We found Dinah for $50 the sellers saw no value in the sewing machine just the cabinet. 
We found my most recent gift Sophia for $40.
Today nearby they had on Craigslist two sewing machine tables for $25.  We called and they told us sure we could come and see them.  I got there and could barely contain my glee.  What did we find?

Yeppers those are two featherweight tables.  DH had to go run and find Rita to make sure they were what they appeared to be.  The family we bought them from say they have been using them as card tables for years, but the elderly couple's mothers, (Both his and hers) used them to sew on when they were young.  While not in pristine condition, they are in fair condition, there are some water spots, and a cigarette burn, but overall they look wonderful, and the parts are all matching. 

 According to DH I could never be a poker player, he said as soon as I saw them that my eyes lit up and sparkled so he knew he had to buy them for me.  So I am going to kick up my heels give him a great big hug and kiss and do the joyous snoopy dance.  I can't think of any better happy dance to do! What a terrific find to add to my vintage collection!

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