Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes Mamma's Just Know

I had a rough evening.  I have been looking for a new job for the past 5 months, and frankly there is just not a whole lot out there.  I grew up in a time that even if you didn't have a college degree you could get a position, and excel with hard work, and perseverance.  I hear now that many companies even require their receptionists to have at least a Bachelor's Degree.  I have sent out many applications, and went on many interviews, and even some second and third interviews.  Still no success.  I keep saying that the Almighty has a plan, and when it is right it will happen.

I had a rough night, didn't sleep well, was up and down.  Anyway I finally rolled out of bed this morning, DH had made me coffee, and I opened my e-mail to this:

I thought this was cute. Many a dinner has been late, appointments forgotten due to the needle and thread.It made me smile. My mamma sent this late last night.  I am sure she knew I was struggling.   Quilting, reading other people's blogs, and blogging has kept my spirits up and yes sometimes a girl just has to sew.

What am I doing this morning?  I am going to get my cross stitch stuff out, and get ready for some hand stitching.   DH has his surgery tomorrow and I need something to keep me occupied and out of trouble.  I have two patterns I have decided on so far, and I am going to cheat-- one pattern is going to be used twice.  So only 5 more to figure out, and some charting to do for names.  These will be used for stocking cuffs for Christmas stocking at my parent's house, and our home too.  I am a bit behind already.  Gabe the middle grandson, and Nikole my beautiful sister in law don't have stockings at my mothers.  I now need to make four more this year:  one for Jeff my new husband, Finley aka "The Finn" currently the youngest grandson, Pablo (brother's baby due June 2) and I will call him "Van" the grandson that is due to my middle daughter in August.

I have my stuff ready, going to sit and watch movies this morning and get everything ready for tomorrow.
Have a blessed Thursday everyone!


  1. trying to get a job these days is hard. applying for jobs sure is different these days too.
    I hope your hubbies surgery goes well.

  2. I hope you find a job soon and that it's something you'll love doing. Your little seamstress girl is adorable. And I hope your husband's surgery went well and that he's recovering.


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