Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ah Tuesday

It is the end of April.  My parents are on their way and I finally have sort of a quiet day to myself.

Of My goals for the month of April....well they flew off the tracks within the first week.

1.  Work on Machine Quilting Easy Street--Done I finished it and it is quilted, and bound.  Going on the bed for my parent's visit.

2.  Chart and work on my Christmas Stocking Cuffs-  I have 6 to make for my mother's house and at least 2 for my home I have been putting this off....It means I have to sit still and watch TV then I get distracted.  Oh My!  ---got started and working on some slow stitching

3. Make Valances/Curtains for the family room This is one of my blocks which has the contrary wife.  They will look so cute in our little ole farmhouse.---nope I am looking for a block called the contrary or onery husband that I can redraft to be 6 inches.  So far I have not had much success.  Update found a block and redrafted it to 6 inches finished.  Surprised myself that I could do it.  So these are going to be used for my curtains for my family room.

Contrary Wife

Onery Husband

 4. Finish piecing my Hugs and Kisses Quilt top---layout is done, but piecing has been waiting

5.  Finish piecing my Jewel box blocks I have 5 I think I want about 30 blocks--  got one done

6.  Finish 2 pumpkins one for a gift and one for me (hey would free up a project box)---nope
7.  2 Farmer's Wife Blocks per week so at least 9  I am off to a good start have two  made--and that was all I finished

8.  1 Country charmer block per week -  I finished one

9.  Catch up on the two mystery quilts -  I did catch up on the first installment of 1 and have installment two partially done.  My mother wants to do one so I am saving that one until she arrives. 
10.  Clean up the spare room for my parents visit at the end of the month.  T minus 28 before they arrive  Done the room is cleaned, dusted, and the bed is made
11.  Finish trimming those darn geese from 30 years ago. Have the bodies trimmed....the wings they are taking some time.

So overall I would call two finishes for the month, and the one finish is over and above what I had planned

What did you get accomplished this month?

I am going to link up with Carrie over at A Passion for Applique.

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  1. WOWEE! you got a lot done this month. I just love your quilt. Congrats on a wonderful finish!


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