Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time to Stitch

It has been a rough last couple of days.  But it is Saturday Sharing day over at Pigtales and Quilts with Thearica     Link up and show what you are up to for the past week or even today.


DH surgery went well but he has on his right hand a bandage which is as big as a boxing glove.  So I spend a lot of time looking after him.  Whether he realizes it or not I kinda like him a lot, and he is not really good on pain medication so we had a really bad night Friday night.  Thank goodness it was better last night.  

While DH was in surgery on Friday I got thank you notes done from our recent wedding, and I got some slow stitching done.  Well actually I did slow stitching on Thursday too, because the MIL injured her hand and I spent a couple of hours waiting in the surgeon's office with her too.  The hand surgeon has seen everyone in the family except for me. 

OK while it does not look like a lot I am working on 22 ct Aida cloth so it is quite a bit really.  This will be DH stocking for my mother's house.

I also worked a bit on my jewel box quilt.

Today  is actually Sunday but I really wanted to share a bit.

DH felt well enough and the weather was nice enough we went over and walked at the wetlands.  It was nice to see the swallows, hear the toads, and see some small signs of spring like small pussy willow catkins appearing. 
This beautiful creature was swimming around too.  You do not realize how really big they are until they are near you.  Their feet are the size of my hand easily!   DH has sent me to my playroom he says I seem to have a lot of pent up energy and he does not need me to sit with him all the time.  Tomorrow he gets his bandage off but he will be off work for at least 2 weeks until after the stitches come out at least.

What to do next?  I could work on my mystery quilt, or my Farmer's wife--who knows, other than there is some stitching which is going to get done.  Hope your Sunday is peaceful and full of joy!

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  1. I hope your hubby heals quickly so he can get that glove off of his hand. I kind of like my hubby too so I know you are going to baby him a lot. :)

    Will be keeping you both in thought a lot.

    Thanks for linking up today.


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