Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Baking Farmer's Wife

Thursday is my last "free day" of this week, in fact it is my last free day until next Thursday.  Between a cable guy appointment between 8am-12 pm being at work by 4 pm, working a double on Saturday, and a Birthday Party Sunday, working Monday, Tuesday, and a visit to the hospital on Wednesday I think this is the most scheduled up I have been in eons. 

When I say a free day it means I don't really have anywhere to be, or a whole lot to do, at least in my mind.  The reality is I did have stuff to do.  DH has a pot luck at work and  he wanted to take my Banana Whipped Cream Cake.  I really need to find a good banana cake recipe, but for now I use a Duncan Hines Banana Cake mix, make the cake per the directions on the box,  but add 2 diced up bananas to the recipe, and bake for 40 minutes in a 9 x 13 pan.  I make two cakes.  The "frosting" is a stabilized whipped cream frosting, and between the two layers are sliced bananas and whipped cream.  Oh how I wish I took a picture before I covered it and put it in the refrigerator. 

Either it is going to be a hit or DH is going to have to stop at his momma's and leave cake, and we will be eating cake for quite a few days.  I know that DH and the SIL love this cake, and I was trying to teach the daughter via text last week while at work how to make the cake.  UGH! :(

While working on the cake I worked on my Farmer's Wife Blocks

Peaceful Hours
Country Farm

Water Wheel

Northern Lights

Single Wedding Star
Not too shabby considering I try to get 8 finished per month.  Two more and I will be at my goal.  I wonder if I will get any done tomorrow waiting for the Cable Guy to show up between 8 and noon?

Considering it is the 24th of October just a couple of pics from my flower bed.
 I am not too sure but the Lantana loves this spot in the flower bed, one small plant went crazy this year.  I love the different reds, oranges, and yellows in it. 
The Dahlia's are late, and I really need them to die back so I can dig the tubers and store for the winter.  While watching all the farm equipment rushing to get the soybeans and feed corn in today I notice we had s*** flakes.  How can it be sunny with big floppy wet flakes falling at the same time?  I guess I just have to resign myself to winter's coming. 


  1. Flowers and snow, what an interesting combination! LOL

  2. Your free day was very productive. Beautiful flowers. Yes, it is time for winter. Just cold weather here.


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