Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another Man's Trash--I Mean Stash

I have the Magic Carpet backing finished, it quilted and hand sewing the binding.  More on that in another post.

Yesterday I went exploring.  I had ulterior motives too.  Teresa at Fabric Therapy was having a sale with a couple of her quilty friends.  They desided to destash.  It was a lovely day for a drive.  The leaves are turning finally-- there were oranges, golds, and reds.  There is this pretty purple weedy flower along the road I wish I knew what it was, Bittersweet(now I know what to look for) , and the Sumac is turning purply red.  The weather here in Michigan has been unseasonably warm in the high 70's low 80's and sunny.  I drove past many an old farm with the old barns with the weather vanes and lightning balls on top.

I live out in the country, this house was way out in the country....on a dirt road.  The plan for Teresa and the ladies was that they were to destash.  With their DH looking on there was no alternative.  Another man's horde, trash, stash is another woman quilter's treasure.  There were about 10 big totes full of fabric scraps.  One set marked M, the other set marked O, and you could fill a medium size paper bag for $3.00 from one set.  I filled a sack from each.  There were also crates, crates, and more crates of patterns, and quilt books.  On another couple of tables were bags with large cuts of fabric.  What did I find?
This is my booty bounty.  I filled one back from the M set, a bag from the O set, got a couple of large cuts of fabric, a set of charm squares, and 3 patterns.
This is 2 yards I think would be great for a quilt back for a small quilt.
Two charm packs of Lollipop by Moda.  Don't know how old the line is but hey I think it would make one or two nice little quilts to donate.
All my fabric from my bag "O". dots,strips, some batiks,and any time you can find white on white, or neutrals it is all good.
Fabric from the M bag.  Lots of holiday, gingham, and more neutrals. 
And 3 patterns for $1.00! 

Not half bad, and the drive really was lovely.  Great sale ladies! 

Today I quilted my table runner for my Bestie and got the binding sewn on the back at least.  I am going to get it ready to finish sewing using my wonderclips, and finish it by machine.   I also got the binding started on the Magic Carpet Ride Strip quilt.  That one is most definitely going to have to be hand sewn. 

Tomorrow morning I work, and then it is the Flat Rock Historical Society's Semi Annual Rummage Sale on the Flat Rock1/4 mile track and the pit area. DH is going to check it out for me, last year I saw a featherweight get sold for $25.  The guy had no idea what he had.  I have to coach DH on what he needs to look for to buy. 

How was your weekend?


  1. How fun! I agree, I love looking through other people's scraps!

  2. Wow! I wish I lived close to you...I'd have been right there with you at that sale! Blessings, marlene


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