Monday, October 21, 2013

Execution of the Geese

***Disclaimer***  No waterfowl were injured in the interest of making this post! They are protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918. 

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted that I had seen a pattern on Pinterest called Staggered Flying Geese but I could not find it anywhere?  (You can see the post here.)

Here is my pattern I drafted.  I thought it would be easy to do paper piecing.  Then I started and lets just say that while the idea was fabulous, the execution was less than desirable. 

I wanted to make the staggered flying geese for a mug rug swap using some left over batiks from my stash in fall colors.  I decided that it was necessary to rethink my options. 

I still wanted to do some flying geese so I whipped up this while listening to my Kindle. 

Not bad, just the right size, but something was missing.  It needed more.....

We have this lovely maple tree in the side yard.  I found a leaf.  I took it in, threw it onto the scanner, and scanned it onto a piece of fabric.  I then carefully cut it out. 

Yes this is the color that the leaf was,, and this is my cutout.

I placed it on the mug rug.

Yikes!  Definitely not going to work.  Now I have a sort of mug rug, and a fabric leaf. 

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  1. Your geese are sweet! What a great idea to scan a does get a little lost on your fabric, but it would look wonderful in a fabric with a bit more contrast. Looking forward to seeing the next step!


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