Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Bounty of Mug Rugs

Good afternoon on this beautiful, semi-sunny late October Wednesday.  There is definitely a chill in the air!  I keep hearing the S*** word a lot.  How can we have s*** when just a couple of weeks ago it was like 80 degrees and we had a bonfire and stayed out until almost midnight?!?!

I finished my mug rugs!  Can you tell I am excited? 

The Goose Chase Mug rug.

Wow I love how the colors look in the sunlight.  The dark is a pumpkin patterned batik called Aspen.  The yellow orange are batik scraps left from my table runner which has a sunflower print.  I used the yummy coats and clark thread that I purchased for the table runners. 
I just did a simple stitch in the ditch.  Or as someone else said once in the ditch, over the ditch, beside the ditch....  Also someone told me that the "staggered geese" is called migrating geese and you can find it in a book called Sew a Row Quilts by Karin Hellaby and was originally published in 2001. 

Cider Time Mug Rug-

See there is my leaf with some free motion quilting following the veins, my paper pieced mug, and my applique apple which kind of looks like a cherry bomb.  Oh well.

DH brought home a handful of little pumpkins that are growing all over the landfill.  What great props along with my copper metallic looking squirrel 

It is so nice to have those finished.  OK give me a hint peeps, when you do a swap with someone is it ok to add a few other things than just the mug rugs? 

How is your Wednesday stacking up?  I have more pebbling to do on my table runner so off I go. 


  1. Your mug rugs are great, specially the Goose Chase one. I think it's a lovely idea to include a few other things in a swap. In my experience, some people do, some don't. It's a personal choice thing.

  2. I send extra goodies with mine because I think it's fun to surprise someone else. But I'm not disappointed if I don't get anything but the gift made just for me!

  3. Great mug rugs! I like the free motion embroidery on your Cider Time mug rug leaf. It`s very authentic and I think your" cherry bomb" apple is divine. Looks like a great apple to me!

  4. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I got it all together and a couple of little extras to boot! Now just to get to the post office.


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