Friday, October 4, 2013

Sew and Show Blog

If you are a regular to my blog you know that on a rare occasion I will participate in a Blog Hop. 
There are wonderful and creative quilters out there from all over the world who participate regularly.

Ideas for these hops come from the beautiful Mdm Samm who hosts the hop, and there are regular volunteers/cheerleaders who organize the bloggers, their day (picture trying to her a 100 cats), and help us through our ups, downs, trials and missteps. The best thing about these hops is all of the encouragement which is provided by Mdm Samm, the cheerleader for that hop, all of the other participants, and people who visit the hops. 

 Skip on over there and check it all out at Sew We Quilt to learn more about how everyone benefits from these wonderful blog hops.

The Wicked hop is coming up October 22-31--wicked, Halloween need I say more?!?! After that  For the Boys a hop all about projects for boys November 6-13. 

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