Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Sewing Fun

The weekend was beautiful.  The weather was terrific.  The youngest daughter came and helped DH stack wood in the woodshed. 

We had the family over for a bonfire, hot dog, and s'mores roast.
We cleaned up the garden on Sunday, and took down the cyclone fence that is 20+ years old and removed the posts, and all of it has been taken to be recycled.

Not much real quilty sewing going on though.  I had two pair of DH work pants to fix.
My sewing machine has a darning stitch which helps patch the fabric.  Nice, but the adhesive on the patches does gum up the needle a bit.  So I had to stop every row or two and peel it off the needle. 

I did a lot of unsewing.  I removed a zipper from this jacket which had broke and replaced it with a metal zipper.   I really despise when I spend a lot of money on a jacket and it has a plastic zipper.  I feel confident that I can fix it now and will replace two more after I order them,  27 inch metal zippers are few and far between.

I then had started to finish the binding on the Magic Carpet Ride quilt, but was not happy with the machine sewing so I unstitched it and it will be done by hand. 
I measured my seams and I need to fix a few areas yet. 

I did work on the quilting of my Star Crossed Table Runner.  I am working on pebbles.  I think it looks alright so far.  Have I mentioned that I love this thread, and the color?

Pebbles do take a long time though!

Finally I do the fab shop hop, it is a great way to discover new shops.  Many of the shops I purchase from I discovered through the Fab Shop Network.  Also they have a great little tool to do a "search" for fabrics, tools, patterns.  I have used it on many occasions to locate fabric when I run short.  I won a $10 gift certificate for the August hop from Happy Crafters.  I used my $10 to buy some green batik for the swap that I participate in. 

Not a lot of "fun quilty sewing" but a lot of necessity sewing.  Do you ever get times when you have a lot of that type of sewing?


  1. I do have that kind of sewing sometimes too. Not what I would call fun.
    I do like your pebble quilting. It does look neat but does take a lot of time.
    I did some cleaning up in my garden today.

  2. Your pebbles look great ! What thread are you using ?


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