Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lost in Time

I spent all of today lost on the computer.

I created a post.  Those are easy for me.  I made a birthday card, and printed it out.   I found my checkbook (have you forgotten how to write a check?  I have).  Ran off to the gas station, the Township hall to pay the water bill, and to the post office, then home.

I was thinking about what I wanted to make for my mug rug swap partner after wandering into my sewing room to see this.  Eeeek!

Believe it or not I actually had some inspiration. 

I saw a quilt with flying geese, but they were staggered on Pinterest.  Now I do not own EQ and with my current budget, probably not a feasible investment, so I decided to try to do it in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1--Find the quilt on Pinterest.  (I know you are nodding your head you know what happens there), and print it out for a reference.  

Step 2--  Now once upon a time I was an expert at Excel, and still am pretty good. I decided the size of the geese I wanted to make, from what I can see rule of thumb is height is half of the width.  I wanted tiny flying geese 1 X 2.

Step 3-- create a 1 inch grid in Excel.  Let's just say that I sized, resized that grid several times before it would print out to a 1X1 inch square grid which is 7 X 10.

Step 4-- I drew my geese.
Step 5-- Save it nothing worse than drawing something then losing it.
Step 6--  Print it out

I then wanted another one but mirrored.  Could not get that one figured out to save my life, so after some frustration I just drew another set of staggered geese, but they mirrored the first set.

They may not be perfect but I think they will work for paper piecing for my mug rug swap. 

I feel like a character in the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  If you give a quilter an idea she will want to make one of her own, but change the size, shape, look....I looked up and the clock said 3:15pm.  I need to get dinner started, yes the cutting table has been cleaned up except for the batiks I am working with currently. 

Have you ever seen a pattern you truly want to make but cannot locate it to purchase so you draft your own?


  1. I am not to the point of my quilting life where I can draft my own projects yet. I have been known to take another pattern and tweak it though!

  2. Way to go! I drafted some flying geese for a project last year, but I just drew them on graph paper then paper pieced them. It worked great! Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out :*)

  3. I probably won't invest in EQ either. I have lots of graph paper that I will tape together if I want to create my own pattern. Where there is a will there is a way!:0)


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