Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The New Girl

The last couple of weeks I have managed to accumulate a couple more ladies (sewing machines).

There was a barn sale down the road and of course I had to go.  I mean do you know what kind of treasures you can find in a barn that is chock full?

I found this beauty.

She is a Singer model 15 from 1952.  Her cabinet is not bad looking, nice and sturdy, and overall she looked pretty good. 
The bobbin case was there as well as the book and an extra bobbin.
Do you see the size of that bobbin?  As old as that thread is it needs to be removed, but oh boy that is a lot of thread!

What is even better?  A couple of months ago at an auction I purchased this sewing bench for a couple of dollars. 

The legs match the sewing machine cabinet. 

DH cleaned her and then I found this under the throat plate.
Yuck!  I haven't sewn on her yet.  I have to empty a bobbin and wind a new one.  I think her name will be Lise after the Leslie Caron character in the Oscar winning movie of that year American in Paris. 


  1. Another treasure...she is a lovely lady!

  2. She is a good machine! I've been looking for a reasonably priced sewing bench but have not found one yet, what great finds! She looks like my machine which has been converted to a hand crank.


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