Sunday, March 24, 2013

Abbracci e baci por Sophia

Translated means Hugs and Kisses for Sophia.  I decided that to get Sophia up an running and give her a wee work out I would work on my Hugs and Kisses QAL from Christa's Quilts
I am a wee bit behind only on step 5.3 sewing the bow tie blocks. 

She is a wee bit stiff, the feed dogs seemed to be pulling kind of hard but finally with some oil and some running started to loosen up a bit. 

Sophia got a new V-belt not my favorite type it is hard to use the hand wheel to get her sewing at times.  If you can see where the cord goes in, that connects to the old bakelite pedal.

Again not one of my favorites.  All of my other machines I have replace the pedals which is easy since they all kind of plug into most antique machines. 

Sophia's other quirk? 

See that little pin on the bobbin winder.  The bobbin has a small hole that fits exactly onto that pin in order to work.  The machine came with a bobbin which is a drop in which is very cool.  But I like to have a couple of back up bobbins wound when I am sewing.  Which should be no problem; The bobbins for the 99K are called class 66 bobbins and are shared between several machines including Jane my 500A.  I thought great I have 10 of those that I ordered to use with Jane. 

The bobbin on the right is the one that came with Sophia, the one on the left is one that fits Jane and should fit Sophia.  But if you see the hole at the top, it is not as close to the center hole so it doesn't work.  DH is going to try to use a Dremel and enlarge the hole on the other 10 I have hopefully it works.

In the meantime we had a very successful day.  DH put in the Minion Mama's transmission for her mom mobile.  DH sanded the wall where the door used to enter into our home. We washed the wall, primed, and painted.  Cleaned the loft in the barn so that we could set up 3 banquet tables where I can sandwich my quilts this week instead of having the tables into the dining room, washed, dried, and folded all the laundry.  Not a bad start to the major cleaning which needs to be completed for the family Easter dinner. 

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