Tuesday, March 5, 2013


What a busy week and it is only Tuesday.  I didn't get into my playroom until late yesterday.  Spent some time cutting out Barn pieces.  Worked on the primer for my refinished sewing cabinet, and started to work on The Century of Progress block from the Farmer's Wife.

Oh my thank goodness for paper piecing, (which I am not very good at) and even afterwards, I still took the block apart several times before I was happy with it.

I finally got it to where I was pleased this morning. 

Since my weekly goal is two FW blocks at least.  I did the next one Hovering Birds

Love, love, love the red plaid print I found in my stash. I am sure it is something I discovered in the 21 boxes of stash that I went through at my mother's house. 

Then I cut a ton of parts for my Country Charmer.

I was bound and determined I was going to use that green in the center, but it is near impossible to match.  So i just kept with it and found a light green paisley print that kind of went.  See used the red plaid again! Love the pattern still.  Wonder if I will after making 20 blocks?  This pattern has 51 pieces per block!  The instructions for the pattern though make it go together so super simple they just flow together.  That is goal 2 for my weekly goals. 

I have also worked on some scrap busting.  At least 30 minutes per day has significantly decreased the pile on my cutting table. I still have an apple box and a giant green tote full of them, and I seem to add to them constantly.  Slow and steady will eventually get it more manageable. 

I think some Jewel box quilt piecing may be in order today.  And maybe I will set aside some time to do some Machine Quilting.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. You are a no-reply blogger so I used my Nancy Drew skills to track you down to say "thanks" for stopping by my blog. :O)

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  3. great blocks. I am not a big fan of paper piecing but it works when you have a certain kind of block you want to make. Looks great.


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