Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Victim of Sibling Rivalry

I will admit I have not had spectacular days the past few.  But Tuesday is a new day and it is still morning so a day full of possibilities.

See this green monstrosity?  It at one time was the door that came into the side of the house off of the driveway.  It came directly into my kitchen and family room.  During the winter every time this door opened freezing air, leaves, dirt, snow would blow into this area and it would take forever to get warm again.
My brilliant idea?  Take this room which was called the sun room.  Remove the window to the left.  Finish the room and use it as a mudroom/entry to the house.  It was more direct from where the cars parked.  There was a slider that closed off the family room into this room so we went to work.

Window removed, new paint, flooring, spray foam insulation, moldings around the windows, doors, and it became our new mudroom, and entry way.

I put another coat on the green monster today.

While "The Finn" slept.

I also managed to get all my bow tie parts done for the hugs and kisses

And even sewed a few bow ties.

Prewashed my backing for my easy street, dried and ironed it and when it warms up a bit will go out to the loft in the barn and sandwich my quilt.

But for now.  I think more bow ties are in order.

Happy Tuesday. 

PS Why am I the victim of sibling rivalry.  Easter is at our house, and DH and his oldest sister have this thing about who's house is nicer.  She lives in an old Queen Anne Style home and has put a lot of work into the restoration with the help of DH.  Unfortunately the help was not reciprocated so DH''s home has not received all the updates which are necessary.  The wall that had to get finished today....um yeah it has been a big drywall hole for months.  DH wanted it done so he could move the Hoosier we purchased and the refrigerator as well as the water line to the fridge before Sunday.  My part is done it is now all up to him. Oh yeah he has a new light and ceiling fan for the mudroom.  Go baby Go!  :D

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  1. that looks like a big wall you painted. nice job.
    good you got to sew some too.


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