Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Small Steps

Where did this day go!
Cleaned the old folks next door steps and driveway from the skiff of snow. 
Washed a sink load of dishes which did not even equate to 1/2 a dishwasher load.
Started a crock pot full of Chili.
I spent hours updating my IPhone.
I fought with the internet connection.
I got one set of borders on my quilt.

Helped DH move a tractor into the front barn to be worked on.

And got a step of my weekly to do list done.

(complete 2 Farmer's Wife Blocks per week)

Ok not a whole step a 1/2 of that step.  I finished one step.  Using my stash.

I kind of like how it turned out all wonky looking. 

I guess a small step is better than none right?

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