Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finally a Finish

I have not completed a quilt since January when I took the 4 of the grand daughters each a quilt for a belated Christmas present.  I have finished a top, and have one that is just waiting borders but not a quilted and bound one.

The last several days I decided that I was going to finish my summer meadow picnic quilt.  This is a UFO which has been hanging around for years, I want to say at least 13.  The focal fabric began from a line called Field Trip by Moda.

See all the wonderful colors in the colorway?  I absolutely adored this fabric.  It is so springy, summery and happy.

 This is the finished quilt, full of Queen Anne's Lace, daises (I call them chamomile when they are small like this) and dark lush green grass with ladybugs. I wanted to use the Field Trip as the backing, but did not have even remotely enough.  So since it was supposed to be summer and picnicky I decided let's just do a green gingham. 

I used the Moda Field Trip as the binding.   

This quilt has been the most aggravating quilt. I started trying to do FMQ with this shiny multicolor metallic thread and free motion daises and fireflies on the quilt a couple of  years ago.  I struggled with the back bunching, thread breaking so I set this aside for quite a while.  When I pulled this out again this past year, I removed all the FMQ much to the dismay of my husband, and changed out the backing, re-sandwiched, and pin basted and started again.  

I finished last night,  flipped it over much to my dismay I have 3 lines on the outside border that I had a ginormous wrinkle.  I took out those 3 lines on that side of the quilt and did them again.  Got my binding on and decided to sew it on by machine.  Got to the last corner and OMG again there is a slight wrinkle/bunch! Oh well we are almost done so darn the torpedoes and full steam ahead.  If this was a quilt I was giving to someone or donating I would have taken it apart again and fixed the offending wrinkle.  This is my quilt for my car.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest near the mountains.  You never know when you are going to get stuck/stranded so I wanted a car quilt.  It is going to get washed and put in it's new home.

 Any manicure advice would be appreciated here.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  Somehow I tore my nail way down the side.  I can't see the expense in having my nails done, and if this tears off it is going to hurt like the bejeebers.  I need to see if I can get it to grow at least out to the edge of my finger.  I have had band aids on it for the last couple of days.  So my darling daughter bought me some nail glue and I am going to see if we can fix it.  If you have any better suggestions I would welcome them.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. It's a beautiful quilt. Never heard of a picnic quilt but saw one last night at quilt guild. And all said to pretty for a picnic!!!I like the idea of a car quilt though. Hope that nail grows out real quick.

  2. I love that quilt! It is so pretty. Don't put it with the pieced side up though. Someone might break in your car if they see it. I had a friend get a quilt stolen like that.
    I think I would cut that nail before it gets hung up on something. I have had that happen before and I just cut my nail and wait for it to grow out again.


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