Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunny Saturday

After my rant yesterday about time to myself to do what I want to do.  Someone was watching out for me because things just kind of worked out for the best today.

Let me start by saying that I have the world's best husband ever, and mother-in-law.  My husband met me, and I told him I had baggage-- A twenty something year old daughter and two grandson's through circumstances out of our control had to live with me.  Instead of running to the hills he decided that it was too far to drive and see me every evening, and he wanted to see me every day so he moved us into his family's ancient farm house.  The boys had room to run, mud, rocks, and the best man in the world to hang out with.  DH has them help him fix cars, tractors, lets them tear down porches and posts with the tractors and just be boys.  I treasure every day with my DH and the little boys (even the Finn :D ) and I feel terrible that maybe yesterday I was not cherishing them just as much as I should. 

Part of the frustration this week was trying to combine bank accounts, set up automatic bill pays and get everything financially in order.  We had been putting it off but 2 bank accounts at different banks was just not making sense.  We finally agreed upon a bank which was a no brainer, but to set up the auto pays for the utilities was aggravating at best with hours spent on the phone. 

While I was working on this monumental task the middle one is hanging out with me in my playroom and he says "Rheema you have tiny scissors."
I told him "Yes and you cannot touch them they are for sewing." 
I usually keep a pair by each of my sewing machines, and on the ironing board to cut threads. 
He then tells me, "On my birthday I am going to get Tiny Scissors too!  And knives!"
It took everything I had to not laugh hysterically.  Got to love them.

Everything finally kind of fell into place last night.  Ikea did not have a microwave cart, but I found one online which is much smaller and ordered it for the MIL as a birthday gift.  While her kitchen is in much need of a remodel, DH and I after racking our brains for hours cannot figure out how to reconfigure short of getting a much smaller refrigerator.  We did agree though that maybe we should consider getting her new cabinets and counter tops.  Therefore Saturday was free.  LOL  Sunday though is breakfast at the VFW. 

We ran to the bank, then to the nearest sewing and vacuum repair store to get a belt for my new baby.

DH put the new belt on and oiled her.  I need to look up how to wind the bobbin, and thread her and try her out.  She is a Singer 99K. 

I have also had time to work on my QAL.  I have went from this:

To this:

And have the rest of my pieces all pressed as well as part of the solid to go along with it.  Just maybe I will start sewing on it this weekend. 

Have a wonderful Saturday, and while things do not always work out the way you want, sometimes there is a much grander and better plan in store.

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