Friday, March 22, 2013

All the Background Noise

Do you ever get distracted from doing what you want to do?  For years I was distracted, my job took up so much time that I did not have any time for anything else, let alone me. The Work Force Reduction was a blessing.  I had time to re-evaluate what I wanted out of life, and gave me a chance to recoup after living an out of control lifestyle for many years. A great question that I see all the time is do you live to work or work to live? 

The downside while I am looking for a new career, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time quilting, blogging and relaxing, but there are times when everything else demands attention NOW and I lose the time for me.  This week was one of them.

The last two days I have manged to sew for only a couple of hours.  Yes I am obviously extremely slow.  I did manage to get my 2 Farmer's wife blocks done this week.  An attic window (top) and End of Day.  I am getting much more accurate and was extremely pleased with how they turned out.  Not thrilled with the color combination on the Attic Window, but I have killer points in my End of Day block!

I have cut some of my blocks for Christa's Hugs and Kisses QAL.  OK maybe it is only about 10 strips so far of a total of 35 prints and 18 solids but it is a start. 

Unfortunately MIL is requesting a shopping trip to Ikea and The Christmas Tree Shop (I think she is angling for DH to remodel her kitchen).  This evening I am supposed to meet DH at MIL to measure the kitchen for our shopping trip tomorrow.  Oh well maybe next week will be better and I won't have quite as many demands since I got so many other things done the past couple of days. 

Happy Friday Everyone and hopefully you have a chance to do something that give you joy this busy weekend. 

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  1. Yes, sometimes life's demands do take time from sewing and it can be frustrating when you feel like you need to get in your sewing room to stay sane. Hopefully, next week will be better for you. I am off to see what the quilt along is all about.


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