Thursday, March 28, 2013

Invading the Man Cave

I have been totally engrossed in Christa Quilts Hugs and Kisses QAL  the last few days.  I made tons of bow tie blocks.

So that I could use the Man Cave to layout my quilt.  DH has been gracious enough to set up 3 banquet tables for me in the loft so that I could sandwich my quilts, which is a ton better than trying to do it in the dining room with the minions wandering around, or getting read for a holiday family dinner. 

I laid out my bow ties over and over.  This is what I came up with after over an hour.  I then picked it up and started pin basting my Easy Street.

As you can see even with 3 banquet tables, a king sized batting, and an extra large backing it was a stretch.  But it is all pin basted after a couple of hours.  This is going to be quite the quilt to machine quilt, but I am excited because I have a wonderful idea for a quilting pattern. 

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the boys are out of school, and it is the beginning of their spring break.  DH is off because he works for a municipality.  I am hoping I can get some sewing in because I have a house to clean, and a ton of food to make for Sunday, as well as Easter Eggs to pack, and Easter Baskets to prepare. 

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