Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunny Saturday Morning

Oh yesterday was absolutely beautiful!  Finally a day with no rain, cold, wind, or snow. 

What did we do?  Since it was Good Friday, everyone was home.  We took out an old mattress and set of springs from the spare room to get it ready for my families impending visit.  I really wish that I had taken pictures, but we managed to get them out of the house with minimal damage, and put the new mattress and box spring into the bed frame. 

What was so fun about replacing the old mattress and set of springs?  We left them on the lawn, and the minions bounced, jumped, giggled, and enjoyed the sun for hours.  The other play zone was a small mound of sand at the end of our new walkway.  I am sure there are probably toys buried in it. 

Even with all of that I did get a wee bit of sewing done.  I finished two Farmer's wife blocks!


Peace and plenty.

I also got one row of my hugs and kisses quilt done.  So even though I sat outside enjoying the sun, and watching the little boys play for hours, I also got some me time to get these done.

I have Easter Dinner and housecleaning to get done.  Have a wonderful Saturday.

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