Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh the Things You Can Do

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I read a ton of blogs, and see a lot of people turning out many, many quilts.  I was actually starting to feel extremely slow, but then come to find out some people have an accuquilt cutter either a go or a studio so they can cut strips, squares, HST like no body's business.  So when I  can churn this out from this

To this

And finally Ta Da!

Yes I have all my 2 1/2 inch squares, 1 1/2 inch squares, 2 1/2 X 4 1/2 bricks and all 280 of the white background fabric in one afternoon that is great.  I am doing the happy dance in my chair.

I also learned to thread Sophia my new 99K, and did a test seam.

She sews a pretty seam and I have my 1/4 inch mark set with my old credit card and painters tape.  I think I may just use her to make this quilt.  Now to read the manual on how to wind a button.  Love old machines, but each and everyone is a bit quirky when it comes to threading, and winding the bobbins. 

I did not get a country charmer block finished this week and I am down 2 jewel box blocks so far this month.  But I am absolutely dying to cut into this fabric for the Quilter's Club of America mystery quilt.  It only needed a light and a dark, and I thought it would be so much fun to use these St. Patrick's Day fabrics I found at Joann's for 50% off.  Maybe sew a bit tonight, and work on the mystery quilt tomorrow.

Oh by the way it is Saturday Sharing Day over at Pigtales and Quilts.  Check out Thearica's new banner it is super cute!  Read the story behind the banner it is a fun read.  OK I love that the days are getting longer.  DH is doing wood, and I have more time to sew this evening.  Happy Saturday Evening all. 


  1. Hi!!! Yes!!! I am loving the longer days!!! Looks to me like you get a lot done with just the basics!!!! Can't wait to see the finish!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Great time spent with the cutting. I love those cutting systems. Is your "old" machine a featherweight? They are such cute machines. Looking forward to seeing that lovely green fabric in a quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely fabrics, looking forward to the end result!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes-I think EVERYONE is doing more sewing than me! The blogs can get you going. I just have to tell myself that my pace is good for me! PS I have an Accuquilt cutter and I hardly use it. I think that the strip cutter is wobbly and I have a little trouble getting good cuts. Go figure! (It is nice for applique pieces however-if you can find exactly the shape you need!)

  5. Cute fabric! Keep on cutting. Thanks for sharing.


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