Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There are Days

A couple of days ago my daughter, who has a perfectly good sewing machine herself, asked me to mend her work pants for her.  My first thought?

I was fortunate that I had one straight stitch machine set up with black thread so I mended the hole, but then decided I wanted to zig zag the edges.  Because the Viking was sitting in the dining room, and I had a bobbin already wound with black I thought what the heck, and zig zagged the seam too.

Yesterday morning, since the Viking was already set up with black thread, I decided to "fix" a piece of lingerie that the manufacturer actually just kind of fused the edges together.   I started with a zig zag going very slow...and instantly broke the needle.  Replaced the needle with a "jeans" needle and started again.  I got a message that my motor was too hot.  I could not get the needle to go up, or down it was just stuck.  I tried shutting it off, and turning it back on.  I tried to loosen the needle, still nope.  So I broke the needle with a pair of needle nose pliers, and tried one more time.  I set it up with a blind hem stitch and it worked.

That should have been indicator #1  3 needles and an hour to fix something which was 2 inches long.

I then decided to cut the borders for the Ginger Rose quilt.  The fabric is a couple of years old and I got lucky recently and found a shop online that carried it still because DH wanted the quilt larger.  I had purchased 2 yards of this fabric a while back, and boy so I wish I had purchased more.  I needed 6 1/2 inches with 2 borders which were 76 and 2 borders which were 92 1/2, so by my calculations if I cut the strips LOF I would need 5 strips.  That would give me a nice little chunk remaining that I could use for my Quilty Barn Along (Do you have a favorite fabric which is a 'go to' fabric?  This is one of mine)  I ironed, layered, and laid the fabric out to cut.  Did the three strips, was getting ready to trim and square up the ends, and discovered.  I cut the first set of strips 5 1/2 inches.  That was 2 strips messed up or 11 inches worth of fabric LOF!  I was so discouraged.  I then grabbed the extra strip which I had which was on the fold and opened it up, ironed it and it was actually about 6 3/4 inches wide!  Hallelujah!  I trimmed the edges and sewed them together, repressed and started to put the final borders on the Ginger Rose!  I got two on before DH came home.

Indicator #2.

Indicator #3

I walked out the door to go to the Post office to mail my sisters birthday gift and what looked like snow earlier was actually ice crystals.  Everything was iced over and slick.  I do not do ice or snow anymore.  So back into the house I went.  

Yesterday was one of those days which I would have been much better served to just read a book, clean up my playroom but no actual sewing.

I did have a good part of the day too though.  DH saw a sewing machine on craigslist.  We sent a message and they still had it.  So we drove 2 hours, no it wasn't over 100 miles away, there was just no direct way to get to this guy's house!  But this is what we discovered.

The case is not perfect

She has some dings, but don't all of us once we get older?

She is a Singer 99K and she is in excellent condition.  Her belt needs to be replaced, you know how old rubber gets. 

No scratches and the decals were in excellent condition.  According to the serial number should would have been built in 1955.  She is considered a 3/4 machine, but whoa she is a heavy girl.  DH wants to name her Chub Chub.  The top actress that year was Grace Kelly but for some reason that just doesn't take my fancy.  Even though she is not Italian or a Necchi I think Sophia would be good.  She is curvy and gorgous.  I can't wait to get a new belt and sew on her.

Also a huge thanks for the shout out to Carrie P. at A Passion for Applique'  http://apassionforapplique.blogspot.com/

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone and here is hoping you get some sewing time!


  1. That quote is wonderful! And the singer is a beauty :-)

  2. Carrie sent me over. Nice to see a new blogger. And congrats on your 99 - it looks a smooth stitcher.


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