Monday, March 4, 2013

I Had to Do It!

I had a day out yesterday.  Well it really began at 4 pm the night before.
Saturday night the family, little boys included, except for the Finn went to Monster Jam to see the Monster Truck show at Ford Field in Detroit.

 We did not get home until well after 1 am in the morning, and slept quite late.  Then some errands and the day was done.  The only time I walked into my playroom was to drop a box and off I went.

All I know maybe it was lack of sleep I was tired, and cranky, I turned on the light in the playroom and saw this mess.

The green bin is a scrap bin of fabric which I have saved for years after making my girls dresses (yeah my oldest daughter is going to be 29!), and my first initial forays into quilting.  On top of the green bin are two bins one with a BOM which I have been working on and the other full of Christmas Fabric.  I don't know if you can tell, but the Christmas Fabric is piled about 1 ft over the edge of the green bin.

This was my original bin.  That pile underneath on the ironing board is just some of it which was stacked beyond the top.

I turned this into this and that closet

Into this it is a wee bit better.  I also found a yellow brick road quilt I had started so it is in a project bin, as well as my Ripples and Reflection BOM.

Also Why do I have a huge cardboard box of green?  I will have to figure that one out soon!

Have a great Monday stitching!

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